Happy Friday! Thank you for your controversial and bold comments on yesterday’s Blog post. I enjoyed reading them.

Some of you have been suggesting that I do some sort of recipe exchange on the Blog. So what I have decided to do today as a test, with spring in the air, and BBQ season just around the corner, is encourage all of you to add some of your favorite recipes for our readers. This way, if something sounds interesting, you can jot it down, or copy and paste, and voila, you have a new recipe! And hey, who isn’t looking for new dinner suggestions? I will add the Shrimp Dish I cooked on Monday night. It’s my mother in law’s recipe, and it’s DELICIOUS! Not very low fat, but very tasty just the same!

Please write your recipe name at the top of your comment in CAPS, so we can easily see what it is. Let’s see what happens. The success of this creation is all in your hands, chiquitas! Think easy and delicious. Think cooking OR baking!

So, ladies, what are you waiting for? Get off the fence, and share some of your favorite spring recipes!!


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PS – Please note that with the new Blog, you now have to enter your email address to comment. I know some of you have voiced a dislike for this, but to hide who you are if you choose to comment anonymously, please write Anon as your name, or use initials, or your first name, or whatever you’d like. No one sees your email address anyhow, it remains confidential. I will see if we can put it back the old way, regardless. Don’t stop commenting!

PPS – Don’t forget to REPLY to a recipe to give that person feedback on how it tasted!