This week’s Global TV lifestyle segment was on a topic very near and dear to my heart – MENTORING. I’ve been fortunate to have been on both sides of the coin in my life — I have been both a protege, as well as a mentor since the age of 25. I can tell you from experience, it is one of the most rewarding relationships out there.

If you have decided that you finally want to get off the fence and find a mentor, but don’t know where to look, who to ask, how to ask, or what a mentor-mentee relationship looks like, please watch this morning’s segment. I have given you the ins and outs of finding a mentor.

On a different note, I’m off to spend the rest of my day with my man-boy who leaves for sleep away camp tomorrow. Heavy hearts here, heavy hearts.

Also, thank you Huffington Post for spotlighting our morning in the Diamond household and showing what real working families look like. Check out today’s article on Huffington Post.

I’d love to know – do you have a mentor, have you ever had a mentor and what do you think about the mentoring process? Please share your thoughts below. Also, if you have any questions on mentoring, please leave them below and I will do my best to answer them.