By Guest Blogger Gloria Fallon

I really don’t.

When I’m 62 I want to be able to eat and do whatever the hell I want. And if that means I’m “pleasingly plump,” then good for me. When I’m 62, I don’t want to be doing stomach crunches, applying fake tanner and scrutinizing my ass and thighs before I go to the beach. I’m tired of doing these things now, so no way am I doing them when I’ve reached the respectable age of 60-somethings.

What is with this constant push for women to look young and thin?

Ever since Kate Moss emerged, being thin or even emaciated is the ideal “look.” I wish I could say I’ve always had enough self-confidence to be whatever weight my body felt comfortable in, but that would be a complete lie. I started exercising at age 9, I’ve starved myself on more occasions than I can count, and even though I’m at a healthy place with food and weight right now, I still weigh myself every single day. Society pushes these ridiculous standards on us, and it becomes what we see as attractive.

We’re supposed to look “young” even if we’re not. I don’t look my age and neither do my friends, maybe because we have so much more available to us now that can help us look younger. 40 never seemed like anything but old to me, but Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Halle Berry and Sandra Bullock all make it seem like just a mere extension of your 30s. I don’t mind this so much because it feels right. But looking younger is work—work that I do not want to do when I’m 62.

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Because 62 is not young. It’s not even young-ish. 62 is old (there, I said it!!) Hell, 50 is old. We should not be afraid to age. When I’m 62 I don’t want to be worried about cellulite. I don’t want to worry about the crow’s feet that show how much fun my life has been. When I’m 62 I’m going to do what I want, eat what I want and wear what I want! And when I’m 62, I’m going to be the happiest old lady around.

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I’m trying to age gracefully too, and embrace all the new lines, new cellulite, and other shit that come with aging. Why? Because aging is a PRIVILEGE, in my humble opinion. We don’t all get to do it.