I have been blogging a year. And what a year it has been.  I started this blog with a vision, with a dream, for all women who were sitting on the fence in their lives, to have a hub, a place to connect, and learn, and laugh, and get inspired to jump off the fence. I can say the success has been beyond my wildest expectations.

And yet after jumping off the fence a year ago, I now find myself back on it. Stuck. Almost immobile about where to go next. It’s funny how life works. Here I’ve been, jumping off the fence, living my passion, chasing the dream, inspiring women in all areas of their lives about a different “on the fence topic” every day. And now, I’m BACK ON THE FENCE about what to do next.

I left for Los Angeles a week ago to film an episode of a new mom show called Mommy To Mommy TV with Kimberley BlaineMama Kat and Michelle Rivera, to attend a few meetings, to hang with my best friend, and to meet a long distance friend of mine Brooke Burke and go to the Dancing With The Stars finale. But what started out as a business trip, turned into a soul searching trip. And that’s not to say it’s a bad thing, it’s just a realization that whatever happens, my destiny is in God’s hands.

So what do you do when life changes? Do you change with it? Do you shift? Do you twist it a little?  Do you pretzel yourself? Do you compromise? I only know that my vision for this Blog going forward is to take it to as many mediums as possible, and inspire MORE women around the world. Whether in addition to the Blog, that’s through radio, magazine or TV, it’s secondary and all up in the air. The dream is to get women sitting on the fence everywhere in this world, to take action, make a plan, and decide that they count. To be happy.

So I decided, instead of Blogging about the intricate details of my trip, I opted instead to post some highlights and things I’ve learned after almost a week of being alone. Some silly, some serious.

  • I realized I LOVE doing TV. I loved filming my episode at Sony Studios and on the set of CBS’s Rules of Engagement. Besides a lot of waiting around, when the camera turns on, it’s a magical moment. I would LOVE to have a Women On The Fence TV Show. Hello Bucket List!!
  • But, I realized I also LOVE radio! I envision a radio show with a team of experts helping all women callers get off the fence in their lives. Oh, I want that.
  • I realized there’s nothing wrong with wanting one or both, and that’s why I’m in talks for both.
  • I realized I can now call myself A WRITER. And I say that with great pride and joy. 🙂
  • Rodeo Drive is full of plastic people. I’d rather be old and and wrinkled and have lived a life of laughter (with all the laugh lines), than be sucked and tucked and look miserably unhappy. ANY DAY. ANY DAY.
  • Agents are exactly like Ari Gold on Entourage. No difference. And in meeting with them, it’s interesting to see what they come up with. They talk fast, they think fast, and even though I’m pretty fast myself (talk, walk, and eat at records speeds), I don’t hold a candle to them. And that’s cool.
  • I realized that best friends will always remain best friends if commonality holds you together. So that means, no matter how many thousands of miles separate you from someone, when you reunite, you pick right back off where you left off. And that is both comforting and magical.
  • I realized that nothing feels more at ease for me than having dinner with other writers and bloggers.
  • I realized that celebs are just people. They piss, shit, fart and experience all the worries we as parents and working women do. And at the end of the day, they’re just trying to make a living as we all are, doing what they’re good at.
  • I realized that NO is never the answer to take when you believe deeply in something. And persistence pays off. Work your butt off and persevere.
  • I realized that it’s ok sometimes to not know where you’re heading and to be stuck on the fence, so long as you have a long term goal or vision, and are working each day towards that vision. Getting lost along the way is both human, and necessary. It breeds creativity.
  • I realized that we have the right to ASK for what we want and should never be afraid to speak up for what’s right.
  • I realized that most everyone is out for themselves and I find it sort of disheartening. But hey, that’s life.
  • I realized it’s kinda cool to sit next to a man who walked on the moon. Go Buzz Aldrin!
  • I realized I wanna take up ballroom dancing with my husband. I have fallen in love with it. Dancing and music are my greatest joys of life, and something I’d like to share with him. I think it would be good for us.
  • I realized I’d be nothing without the love of my family.
  • I realized it’s okay not to have the answers and that asking questions is a good thing. Even if you’re smart.
  • I now believe in meant to be. What’s meant to be will be.

Enjoy some of my trip highlights.

Getting ready to film Mommy To Mommy TV
Me and Kimberley Blaine on CBS's set of Rules of Engagement
Our episode: My sexy quirky marriage!
On set at Sony Studios
Me, Kimberly Blaine, and Mama Kat... Charlie's Angels. 😉
Backstage before the show. Oy my big arm pressing against my purse!
The lovely and sweet supermodel and mom Rebecca Romjin
Kyle and Lacey in action at Dancing With The Stars
Me and Brooke Burke after the show

Please share with our community, what are YOU sitting on the fence about in YOUR life? Do you agree or disagree with anything I’ve learned this week? I’d love to know.



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