A Thanksgiving Reminder

On Thanksgiving, today, I wanted to repost something I wrote on my mother’s birthday, January 14th, 2010. At the time, Haiti was in devastation, and the Blog post was titled Being Thankful. I think it’s just as relevant today as it was almost a year ago.

A Thanksgiving Reminder


Being Thankful

January 14th, 2010

When I awoke this morning, I wasn’t feeling connected to a particular topic for today. My thoughts were scattered. And then a Blackberry text message from a friend I haven’t spoken to in a while set off a light. I wished my husband’s friend a quick happy new year this morning and asked him how he was doing. His reply, “Happy New Year to you too. We are overdue to get together. Things are okay. They could definitely be better, but then again, I could be in Haiti.”

Wow, I thought. How true. I forwarded that message to my husband immediately. I wanted him to see the positive attitude that his friend had, and to see his gratefulness, vs. what he was lacking. My husband, not always one for seeing the glass half full, indeed got the message. We are so caught up in the daily rat race, that we don’t often show appreciation and gratitude for what we DO have. We harp on what’s lacking, or what’s wrong. We take those we love and what we have for granted.

A Thanksgiving Reminder

Look at the devastation in Haiti. After a 7.0 magnitude earthquake, the death toll is in the tens of thousands. These people have lost their homes, their families, their roads, their resources. And yet, we watch the news, disconnected in our own lives at the fragility of life. We’ve lost sight of the true meaning of life. We are green with envy. We are greedy. We want more and more. We look to our neighbors to see what they have. We don’t look at the goodness that we have in our own homes.

So today’s blog was to remind you, that when the going gets tough, it could always be tougher. It may be easier said than done, but make the effort today. Make today the day where you look at the job you may hate, and think, at least I HAVE A JOB. Look at your kids who may fluster you sometimes, and think, I was able to CONCEIVE a child. Be thankful today. Be grateful.

A Thanksgiving Reminder

We’re not nearly thankful enough. You have that choice.



A very Happy Thanksgiving to all my readers.

In honor of today, post your gratitude statement. Tell us what you’re thankful for.

  1. I am thankful for my family, my health and my sister who is now in remission from breast cancer. Happy Thanksgiving. Great reminder.

  2. This was a beautiful post and put things in perspective for me. It’s very true. Life IS FRAGILE and we do get so consumed with the day to day that we forget to appreciate those around us. Good reminder.

  3. Never forget the blessing you have in your life. Thankgiving is that reminder for everyone. I’m grateful for my health, my job, my kids and my happiness.

  4. I ventured into the streets of Los Angeles today to distribute meals to the homeless. I couldn’t be more thankful in this moment for all that I have. Even just the ability to take a hot shower really is a blessing. A woman cried when I hugged her and told me I didn’t have to touch her; she knows she is dirty and disgusting.

    But we only d things like this twice a year when the holiday season prompts us to. I am making it a new goal to give one meal to one person every month- when they really need it because it’s not the day that the whole city is out doing the same.

    Just think if we all gave one meal to one person once a month how many people wouldn’t be so hungry. Hunger doesn’t hurt any less when it’s not Thanksgiving or Christmas.

    1. What a beautiful comment Brooke. You’re so right. What a brilliant concept. How can you get more people on board to help?

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