So you’re all caught up on the week:

It’s Saturday morning. Like every Saturday morning,  the calm and order that presided here Friday night has vanished into thin air.  Husband is asleep in son’s bed in peace and quiet. Boys getting riled up. Me the referee.  In fact, right at this very moment they’re physically fighting. My 2-year-old has taken off his diaper, so he is standing here in the nude (we are nudists in this house, btw) and shouting at the top of his lungs things I just don’t understand, with his lisp. I have my coffee and am sitting nearby in the office. Ohm.

Last night, I dragged my husband to see Julie & Julia. BIG MISTAKE. I think he was feeling guilty that he’ll be leaving me tonight to take my son instead of myself to the hockey game. So after a nice family dinner, he agreed to go. The movie for me; 2 hours of bliss. I laughed out loud during parts. I cried at parts. It was a feel-good movie, and quite touching. For my husband, sheer torture! I mean, there was fidgeting. Blackberry buzzing. He was flipping and flopping in his seat. He even had to leave a few times. I have to say, it’s probably the last time I’ll ever drag him again to a see a chick flick against his will. Ever!

Secondly, after my golf game yesterday, over lunch, my girlfriends and I started chatting about husbands and cheating. The girls said, “If my husband was cheating, I wouldn’t want to know.” I blurted out, “You wouldn’t want to know?!” And no, they wouldn’t want to know. I’m not going to go into more detail, and even though I understood where they were coming from, I found this odd. Please, if anyone knows my husband is cheating on me, I WANT TO KNOW. Please email me at the above address. Thank you kindly.

I also met with a web designer this week to try and improve the look of the Blog. My initial vision was to create a forum for you women to be able to vent and chat with other ladies in the same boats as yourselves. That should be up and running within the next few weeks. I am loving the blog. I love your emails and comments. Mostly good, a couple critical, but they all are important to me. Keep ’em coming, and don’t be shy to be the first to comment!

Finally, if any of you want to get together with me and a 2-year-old tonight, just give me a holler! If not, I’m thinking “Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs” at 5PM.

PS – Someone sent this to me a few weeks ago. Watch this. Anything is possible.

Happy Saturday!