Parental Addiction to Smartphones and the Harmful Effects on Kids

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This morning on my weekly segment on Global News, I discussed something that as a parent, perhaps, you might connect with. I shared some of the research on ‘distracted parenting’ caused by smartphones and the harmful effects on children (based on studies both on humans and rats in labs).

I then went on to share some tips on how parents can unplug and disconnect.

I hope you’ll watch this important segment in the link above.

I would really love to hear if you do, in fact, connect to this topic of distracted parenting, and if you have ever been guilty of not putting your smartphone down while with your kids.

And finally, I am sure by now you have read the news on Matt Lauer‘s firing from NBC News. I have one thing to say, and I’ll repeat what I shared on Facebook.

Somebody said to me, “Erica you should write a blog post on how this is going to set the feminist movement back decades. All the hard work that you’ve done to break the glass ceiling and be equal in the workplace, now men are going to be afraid to hire women.”
Um, no. Don’t be a dog and we’ll have no problems.

Happy Wednesday.

Parental Addiction to Smartphones and the Harmful Effects on Kids


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