Today, my mommy blogger hat is on. As you are reading this blog, I am in the car en-route to Hull, Quebec, a small town 2-hours west of Montreal, population 116,000. Why, you might ask? Well, if you follow this blog, you know that hockey is a BIG part of our life. And, I’m proud to tell you that last weekend, my son’s team won the Coupe de Montreal (Montreal Cup). It was a pretty big deal, and very exciting. And now, we are off to the regionals. Somebody hold me.

To give you the whole picture, here are some memories of last weekend. Might I also add, We Are The Champions was blaring as the team skated around with the cup, and well, I cried of course. You know me. It’s one of those shining moments where you’re just proud of your kid, and it kinda pours outta you.

The Champions
Elated holding the cup

After they won, one of the parents popped open a bottle of apple cider in the locker room, and the kids chugged it down in plastic wine glasses. It was quite the sight. So now that we’ve won the city championship, we’re off to compete for the provincial championship. And the timing couldn’t be WORSE. It is our Passover seder tonight and tomorrow night, and the kids have been preparing for it in school for weeks.

But back to the road trip… we have a game today at 11 am, a game tomorrow morning at 8 am (which involves an overnight stay for the boys in Hull tonight), and if we win tomorrow morning, we have another game on Sunday at 8 am. Which means, I celebrate my  37th birthday tomorrow night, alone. Yes, if my son and husband have their wish, I will be blowing out candles tomorrow night on a flour-less Passover cake, and then they will be off like the wind. What is it they say about motherhood again– it’s the ultimate sacrifice?

So, as I celebrate my 37th birthday tomorrow, possibly alone, I am instantly brought back to my younger days.  You know, the days when it was all about YOU? Partying, friends, school, no sense of real responsibility, grabbing life by the balls and chasing it with reckless abandon? It was wonderful, and it was fun. Hell, I did ecstasy in Ibiza, Spain at a foam party (Google that if you don’t know what it is) and then rode on a motorcycle with strangers afterward. Then puked after that, then danced at an after-hours rave party ’till 7am. What the HELL was I thinking?!? Yes, those were the days. How time has flown by. And sometimes I miss those days, but I wouldn’t trade them for what came after I wasn’t “too posh to push.”

From this moment on, my life became complete, even if it was complete with spit-up and sleepless nights.

So as I take it easy next week with the kids while they’re off for Passover, I am reminded that ambition is important. Chasing your dreams is even more important. But making memories, is the most important. Life as a mom is never in full balance. The stars never fully align. All we can do, on any given day, is simply our best, and leave the rest up to wine. 😉

Happy Easter. Happy Passover.

Wish us luck in Hull this weekend. Go Cougars!