Today we celebrate the 8th anniversary of a blog that was born out of feeling stuck, on the fence, alone, confused, and wanting to create a space for women to get inspired, get off the fence, grow, succeed and thrive. You have made that happen. I am grateful for this community who has stood by me in my darkest hours, my greatest triumphs, and given me a safe place to be authentic myself. You have also helped each other, and inspired each other into action. Never underestimate the power of a few simple words on a page.

This year I am celebrating our Blogiversary by flying to Toronto to attend an evening of women’s empowerment for WIFT (Women In Film and Television), and you can follow that journey on my social media channels.

Reflections on 8 Years of Blogging

It’s been 8 years, which is blogging years, firstly makes me a grandmother. And secondly, what is the meaning of the number 8, anyhow?

The number 8 represents infinity.

Reflections on 8 Years of Blogging

Reflections on Infinity

How odd it is to be celebrating your infinity anniversary, the symbol of eternity and forever, when you have contemplated giving it up, throwing in the towel, only to then experience a full circle moment… the symbol of infinity.

Here is where I will reflect with you, again. Two years ago, I reflected with you and wrote the following:

This year, as I enter our 6th year, I find myself on the fence about where to pour my energy and take this blog, if I am to be honest. Have you ever questioned if something might have run its course? Feel like you’ve covered everything under the sun and left no stone unturned? As I hit 6 years as a blogger today, I sometimes wonder if I’m still relevant in the blogosphere and if it hasn’t come to a case of Grey’s Anatomy, for example- some shows just last 6 seasons!!”

And yet as I juggle all my roles as a mom, wife, certified life coach, weekly TV correspondent, blogger, speaker, brand ambassador, HADRY founder, and now new yoga instructor, I feel like I’ve come back to my roots. I feel more in love with this blog than ever, and more committed to making a difference in the world. It’s like I had to contemplate throwing in the towel to come back to it. I had to step away to return.

A full circle moment.

The symbol of infinity.

That is is the irony of the number 8.

So Happy 8th blogiversary to us. What the next 8 years have in store, I really can’t say I even have a clue. But I do know, in a world where we often meet phonies or insincere people, I honestly feel like you are real friends. You are my people. My soul tribe. And I am forever grateful.

Reflections on 8 Years of Blogging