We’re back with another one of Erica’s Favorite Things! If you like the Women On The Fence brand, then you will love these inspirational tees, called So Lucky To B Me. I have been wearing them the past few months and I LOVE them! I have them in black and white, they fit incredibly well, and they have a beautiful message too. You also know, I love womenpreneurs.

Founder, Andie Graff

Andie Graff, the founder and creator of these inspirational line of girly tees, has a story to tell. Here is Andie’s story….

“I believe that in this wonderful world, we all have so many reasons to feel lucky. Yet, everyday it is beyond easy to slip into forgetting who we really are and we buy into the notion that we are not good enough, not smart enough, not tall enough, not fast enough, not pretty enough, not thin enough, not rich enough, and more.

If it’s your best day ever or one of those days when the best you can do is get yourself out from under those covers, (and we ALL have them) then take it!

After a life changing event I found myself raising my three children, two beautiful daughters and a wonderful son in a time and fashion where I feared that the messages that were being put out there could chip away at the very core of who they are, their unique gifts and their self esteem.

In 2008, “So Lucky To B Me” became much more than a statement to me. This company was born from a decision that I made to “fight back”, stand on my own two feet and create inspiration and encouragement for women of all ages and sizes, with personal messages of empowerment to wear proudly. I chose to use soft and comfy tees as the canvas for my original messages.

While I too have had and continue to have many struggles and setbacks throughout my life, I have been very fortunate to intuitively get and to never forget that no matter what is going on “I am so lucky to be me”. I believe that my past may have influenced who I am today, but that I am responsible for WHO I will be not who society wants me to be. I also believe that hidden deep down we all know this to be the truth about ourselves, that we are so lucky. That our value should not be determined by our age, the size we wear or the color of our hair. Every now and then we may just need gentle reminding.

My hope is that you slip into your new shirt, and love it! Then live your life smiling, laughing, giving, believing in you, dreaming your dreams, loving and allowing yourself to be LOVED. Trust in all that is good and most of all know you are so lucky to be YOU because you are MORE than enough.” ~Andie Graff

Their emblem is on almost all of tees tees. If you are wondering why this logo, here is the explanation.

I can’t believe I didn’t think of this business first! LOL!

So with spring now upon us, check out these great models…

The back of this black girly tee says the following:

I believe that where I have come from and what I have been through may have influenced who I am today… but ultimately I am responsible for who I will become and where I will go from here

The back of this white girly tee says the following:

My strength has been tested…yet I am strong, My faith has been questioned…yet I believe, My courage has been doubted…yet I fight, My spirit has been broken…yet I hope , I believe that I am brave enough to fight, I trust in my faith, I am courageous enough to persevere, I will remain strong in the face of fear, I wear my scars with pride and grace, I am So Lucky To B Me Because I am a Survivor…

The back of this blank peace tank says the following:

I am accepted for who I am, I am influential, tranquil, secure, protected, focused, courageous, and loved, I am peaceful… my peace comes from within.

The hoody is my favorite

Honestly, when I wear my So Lucky tees, I feel like I have a good luck shield protecting me. Plus they look great too! 😉

Here I am in mine right now…

To see all the models and learn more about this brand of inspirational and empowering tees that I love, visit www.SoLuckyToBMe.com

Guess what? Andie is giving away 3 So Lucky To B Me tees to 3 lucky random winners! Just tell us, WHO or WHAT inspires you, and leave your answer below. Remember to enter your email address so we can advise you if you win. We will draw the winners Friday, April 13th.


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