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Hi Ladies,

I’m BAAACK!!! This Blog post is applicable to both sexes, and could be used as a guideline for all people seeking the better things that life has to offer.

Many years ago, a Rabbi told me that by giving an EXTRA ONE percent of daily effort, I could self-improve by 365% by years’ end! Surely it seemed like a rather ridiculous pronouncement at the time, but as I have matured and learned, I see his words ring true.

art of giving

We all experience challenges in life. Let’s face it, everyone’s plate is full; raising kids, being a good spouse, good friend, colleague, all the while trying to be good to ourselves. Far too often, we become consumed with the monotony and redundancy of family life. It happens. Most of us don’t have the luxury of living like Brad and Angelina who can jet off to a new country each day and shake up the routine whenever they’d like. However, with the goal of giving one extra percent of effort a day towards our own personal success, we can ensure that we grow, we learn, we love, we live and find fulfillment.

The rabbi also told me, that this notion of giving, is also meant to be taken. “What do you mean,” I asked, to which he replied, “People who are fortunate enough to have a partner who loves them, kids who idolize them, and friends who support them, MUST take this one percent for themselves.”

In essence, there are two forms of giving: giving of thyself and giving to oneself.

Woman Cooking

So, what does this all mean? And how do we make sense of it all? Well, firstly you must evaluate the things which you feel are missing in your life. You must come to realize that there are finer things in life which reside right at your fingertips, which are right there for your taking! Be it making time to take a walk, listening to music, cooking a great meal, watching a movie….all these activities help complete life’s journey. Maybe going back to school or taking painting lessons, or learning another language; these are all great ways to take an extra percent for yourselves. Look at the things you are already doing, and see if you can wring more out of those efforts, by giving more of yourself, to yourself.

When you give to yourself, you nurture yourself, which in turns rejuvenates your soul. What seems to happen then, is when you’re rejuvenated, you get this this infectious urge to constantly give more, and by so doing, end up getting more. You see, it’s a whole giving circle! When you have done this several days in a row, this giving of that extra percent OF yourself,  and TO yourself,  you will have achieved a milestone. You will look back in admiration at all of your accomplishments.

Relationships in particular, require the acceptance that responsibilities will not always be equally shared. For this reason, we must conclude that even if our spouse is contributing less than we are in a certain area, in totality it all adds up to one hundred percent. There will be many occasions that the pendulum will shift; and it is at those times when you must recognize your contribution and success. You give, you get. The goal is to always be working towards your common goal of happiness. This is the art of giving.


Think of it this way; if you only succeed in giving the extra 1% a day, for a third of the year, you will still be approximately 100% better off (if you’re not good at math, 1/3 of 365 is approximately 100!)! Think of splitting that 100% between all the things that matter to you. All of a sudden, you are a better spouse, mother, friend etc… You will then be setting an example for those around you to follow the same principles. By giving more, you end up getting more, and for me….nothing could be better and more rewarding!

Man On The Fence


What do you think ladies? Do you agree with his principals? Do you feel like giving more always yields you more?  Please share your opinions.