The Morning After Pill Now Over-The-Counter: The On The Fence Debate

Well my fellow parents, the FDA announced yesterday that “the morning after pill” will now be available to teenaged girls 15 and over without a prescription.



Which leads me to the big ON THE FENCE questions today:  How many more STDs (possibly life threatening) will this lead to? How much more teen promiscuity will now follow? How “safe” will our teens’ sex really be now? How much abuse of this moring after pill will occur? It’s an attempt to erradicate unwanted teenage pregnancies, but is it smart?

It’s what some are calling a positive step in the right direction, and others are calling a frightening green light. I would love to hear your thoughts…


  1. I feel it’s a step in the right direction. Now our jobs as parents comes in even more to talk to our children about safe sex.

  2. i have 2 teenage girls 15 and 16. i am all for the morning after pill if it is taken for the right reasons. I do not feel it should be used as a form of birthcontrol. I feel it should be used if an accident has occured and the situation needs to be rectified. Teenagers need to be mature and take on the responsibility to be as careful for stds as well as unwanted pregnanies.
    15 is too young to have a child. They have a whole life ahead of them.

  3. Great topic! I’m sure the comments will come pouring in momentarily. Making the Morning After Pill available without makes sense. It won’t mean teenagers will have more or less sex, or use more or fewer condoms. Sex education begins when they’re young and has so much more to do with getting pregnant or not. The idea that you had to have a perscription for it is absurd. What, you have an accident, then have to get a doctor’s appointment, then see the doc, get the perscription, then fill it at the pharmacy? By then, it’s not ‘the morning after’ anymore. It’s an interesting move by the FDA. I hope it’s really safe. I hope it will decrease the abortion rate as well. Unplanned pregnancies are messy on families and those involved, both physically and emotionally.

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