Today is one of my favorite days of the year. If you remember back in April, I made the announcement that I was the 2011 Spokesperson forNational Entrepreneurship Day. Well, today is National Entrepreneurship Day!

NED’s primary goal is to increase awareness about entrepreneurship and promote it among young people, and in the long term, increase the number of entrepreneurs. After all, our children represent the leaders of tomorrow, and there just might be the next Steve Jobs, Phil Knight, or Martha Stewart walking among us. It’s our duty to inspire our youth to not only become entrepreneurs, but to also THINK like an entrepreneur. And that means teaching them skills such as– how to become proactive, how to become a self starter, how to be a leader in their surroundings, how to take matters into their own hands to create change, and to have a desire to innovate.

My love of entrepreneurship has been 12 years and counting, and my entrepreneurial journey has been both thrilling and rewarding. Second to my family, it is what fuels me on a daily basis.

So, I figured today, I would finally SHOW you my entrepreneurial journey. Ignore the 90’s hair (oh so bad), but below you can see how I got my start, almost 13 years ago.

Today we celebrate National Entrepreneurship Day, so please vote for your favorite entrepreneur!  To take a look at the candidates, go online to, and then cast your vote!  A cash prize will be awarded to a winner to drive their business forward. TODAY IS THE LAST DAY TO GET IN YOUR VOTES! The winner will be announced tomorrow. If you vote, your name will be entered into the draw to win an Ipad 2. Pretty cool!

I hope you will join me today and help increase awareness. Talk to your kids. Explain to them that entrepreneurship is a very viable, very real option for them. In fact, I encourage you to read an old post called What Do You Wanna Be When You Grow Up, and introduce them to the word KIDPRENEUR.

I hope you’ll help me promote entrepreneurship awareness by sharing this post. 🙂