Hi Ladies,

I just finished a Ballet Body class at the gym, and it felt great. I have barely gone to the gym in the past 6 weeks as I’ve been working day and night on my business book. It’s been exhausting but very rewarding.

I wanted to keep you up to date on a few things, as you, my readers should always be the first to know.

Firstly, I wanna give a shout out to Brooke Burke of ModernMom.com for loving the concept of The Bucket List, and spreading it with her readers. I love ModernMom.com (and my husband LOVES Brooke) and it’s great to be Blogging over there with such a great group. I told Brooke she is like my soul sister and we are alike in many ways. Please read Brooke’s Bucket List. I encourage you to make your own Bucket List, and post them right here! Do it! It’s a great way to get off the fence in your life and finally delve into something you’ve wanted to do for so long. It’s also fun to dream.

Brooke Burke
Brooke Burke

You will notice over the next week or so, a new revamped look for the site. I was fortunate enough to be approached by one of the world’s largest media companies, Glam Media, to place advertisements on my Blog. The ads on the Blog will be from some of the world’s largest and best company’s targeted towards women of course, and not junk ads. It’s very exciting. Articles will also be a lot easier to find now, and a few things that bother me about the site, (like the tiny font and other stuff) will be fixed. Stay tuned. I will NEED YOUR FEEDBACK. You are my readers, so your thoughts are THE most important thing to me.

I also received a surprise phone call yesterday and was asked to speak as the main event “celebrity” speaker at a certain woman’s show. I will keep you posted on that. Exciting stuff. Not confirmed yet. I’ll let you know as soon as I know more.

Plus, I FINISHED THE BOOK yesterday as I told you. Now just the edits. I can soon focus all my attention back to the Blog again. For all women thinking of starting their own business, this book will be a “must-have.” Unlike most female business start-up books out there, this book will act like your very own business coach or mentor, guiding you through the start up process and get you on your way to creating a successful business, using incredible tips and techniques that people often won’t speak of. I’m excited for you to read it. I love the book!

So, the point of today’s Blog post is to demonstrate, that if you dream it, with a little stroke of luck and a lot of hard work, great things can happen. I am living proof. And it takes a positive spirit, the passion and the drive to never give up. I spoke last week of unlocking your passion. Now is the time. Spring is around the corner and it’s a time of rebirth. I urge you to unlock your passion and make a commitment to your own happiness.

think big dream big

I thank you again for reading.

Finally, this week on The View:
* Tuesday, Feb 23: The controversial cast of MTV’s Jersey Shore will be joining the Women live on Tuesday. This will be an interesting show to see how the cast and the women interact!
* Wednesday, Feb 24: Nadya Suleman who famously gave birth to octuplets last year will be making her first trip to NYC to chat live with the Women of the View. Author Danielle Steel will also be a guest
* Thursday, Feb 25: A one hour show Themed “trying to have a baby?”Guests include Giuliana And Bill Rancic
* Friday, Feb 26: Regis and Joy Philbin will perform a song from their new CD: Regis & Joy: Just you. Just me.

Have a great Tuesday!