Today we celebrate the 5th anniversary of a blog that was born out of feeling stuck, on the fence, alone, confused, and wanting to create a space for women to get inspired, get off the fence, grow, succeed and thrive. You have made that happen. I am grateful for this community who has stood by me in my darkest hours, my greatest triumphs, and given me a safe place to be authentic myself. You have also helped each other, and inspired each other into action. Never underestimate the power of a few simple words on a page.

This week, I celebrated our 5th blogiversary on my weekly segment on Global TV. We had much to celebrate this week… our blogging anniversary of course, and our co-host Camille’s engagement. I honored WomenOnTheFence’s blogging anniversary by sharing some blogging tips and tricks. So, if you are thinking of taking the dive, a few tricks of the trade…

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September 11th is always an odd day for me, because our blogging anniversary falls on a most somber day. Today on 9/11, I encourage you to read one woman’s journey as an air traffic controller on that fateful day. It is riveting, but important.

Please read: The Day The Skies Went Silent.

Two years ago, we rang in our 3rd blogiversary with beautiful wishes like these:

To one of our most valued bloggers with sparkling content: Congrats Erica and for 3 years of inspiring and empowering women to get off the fence, and live successfully!” – Arianna Huffington, Founder The Huffington Post

“Congrats on an amazing 3 years! I know this next year will be full of more great accomplishments, impacting women everywhere and making a huge difference in people’s lives.” – Soledad O’Brien, anchor CNN

“Congratulations on your Anniversary! Three years of elevating your voice, key issues and all who read the blog! Congrats Erica!”Cory Booker, American Politician, Mayor of Newark

“Congrats Erica and Women On The Fence!” Brooke Burke, Co-Host Dancing With The Stars and Co-CEO

“Happy Birthday Women On The Fence… beautiful blog, beautiful women.” Mariel Hemingway, Actress, Mother, Author, Granddaughter of acclaimed author Ernest Hemingway

“Congratulations to and gratitude to Erica and her always inspiring presence online and in my daily Twitter feed! To many, many more….” – Christy Turlington Burns, Founder Every Mother Counts, Model, Activist, Philanthropist

“Erica, congratulations on three years of being such a positive and supportive voice for women. In blog years, that means you’re legal! Here’s to the next three, friend.” Lisa Stone, CEO and co-founder BlogHer

“Congrats on the big 3 – three years of blogging about women’s issues and opportunities. Your following is in itself a testimony to the quality of your work. Here is to 30 more!”Brett Wilson, Entrepreneur, Philanthropst, Dragon’s Den

“Congrats on 3 years of pushing fence-sitters off their comfortable–yet confusing–perches, + to wishing you many more years of disruption!” – Lance Ulanoff, Editor-In-Chief Mashable

“Happy 3rd Blogiversary to Women On The Fence! Way to go Erica!” – Holly Robinson Peete, Actress and Activist

“I remember when you walked into my office – over three years ago – and told me that you wanted to blog. I remember thinking to myself that it may be too late. Too many others had walked before you and had already caught the trend nice and early. I was wrong. I’m glad I was wrong. You have proven that great content that speaks to a niche always finds a home. Congrats on creating such a warm and welcoming home.”Mitch Joel – President, Twist Image & Author, Blogger, Podcaster, Six Pixels of Separation.

“Three years in blogland is like 50 in real life — a real milestone!! Congrats for making it so far and inspiring women everywhere to take the leap!”Jill Smokler, Founder

“Happy #3! So proud of you and all the amazing work you do with Women On The Fence.”Tory Johnson, GMA Contributor, CEO Women For Hire, Founder Spark and Hustle

“Congrats Erica and on all your success!”Ramona Singer, Real Housewives of New York, Entrepreneur, Founder Ramona Singer Pinot Griggio

“I remember when I first discovered Women On The Fence. I could relate to so many of Erica’s blog posts. As a wife and mom, we tend to put everyone first. I was “Removing My (Superwoman) Cape” but I was still on the fence about a few things in my life. Once I read Women On The Fence, Erica inspired me to commit to my goals, get off of the fence and go for them! I always thought of Erica as a soul sister. We come from two very different backgrounds, but we have the same desire to inspire and that’s what she did for me! Thank you Erica and Congratulations Women On The Fence for a great three years… I wish you many many more!”Audrey Griffin, Parenting Lifestyle Expert and Wife of Chicago Bulls Coach Adrian Griffin

“From one industrious Erica to another – Congrats! The thing is, you’re anything BUT a women on the fence. You’re ambition, driven, and focused with sharing a positive message for women. All the power to you!” – Erica Ehm, CEO


Happy 5-Year WOODEN Blogiversary,

If I could throw a big bash and bring all you rockstar women from around the world together in one room, I would. 

I hope our party would have dancing like this. Cuz life is meant for the LIVING. 😉