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marilyn monroe jfk

Only published photo ever of Marilyn Monroe and JFK together (and his brother, Robert F. Kennedy to the left) just released. The reason being, the Secret Service and the FBI confiscated every single photograph of them together. There were specific instructions never to photograph these two together.

This is her last major public appearance before her mysterious death in August 1962. She would have been 84 yesterday.

In this dress, she had just finished singing the famous, “Happy Birthday Mr. President” to JFK at Madison Square Gardens, for his 45th birthday gala.

This photo is considered a very significant piece of American fine art history. It is for sale for $23,000, possibly because of all the affair rumors that swirled around these two.

How sexy was this tortured soul? I’ve always been extremely fascinated with MM, so I made it today’s Wordless Wednesday.



  1. I have always been fascinated with Marilyn Monroe and her possible murder / suicide death. She was not very talented as an actress and yet there was something completely magnetic about her. She looks gorgeous in this picture. Crazy that this is the only picture ever released of the two. Cool.

  2. I too have always been interested in the Monroe/Kennedy relationship. I never believed that it was an accidental death. Nor do I feel it was suicide. Somebody wanted Marilyn out of the picture for obvious reasons. There should have been another way to keep this affair quiet. The Clinton/Lewinsky affair ended without anything killed other than Chelsea and Hillarys respect.

  3. She was definitely murdered. Not that she wasn’t unstable enought to accidentally overdose on something. But I truly believed someone killed her. I always believed that.

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