Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday


ALL suggestions welcome below.



  1. Erica – did you do your priority dining already? your boys would love the character breakfast in animal kingdom. I also recommend bringing along lots of snacks – I know that you are very healthy – not many healthy options in the parks. make sure to use fast pass. have your hubby go get fast pass for all of you while you take boys on one ride…then as soon as you are about to use fast pass, get another one. Rachel

  2. You have to do Animal Kingdom and Magic Kingdom. Also Epcot is great. The nights at Disney are fun because all the shows are amazing. Have a ball!

  3. Wear runners. If you are planning any water rides,bring change of clothes for ALL. You will
    Get WET. Eat at hotel before and after.

    1. Wendy!

      Great article in Costco Connection! I can attest to the stroller tip (saved us!) and the suitcase full of snacks (my husband grumbled when we were packing yet we came home empty).

      The most important part of the article is at the end… definately pace yourselves to the kids.

      Thanks for sharing it!


  4. Erica!

    First time at Disney for our family was so special! The best advice I could offer is to enjoy it in the moment without over planning and being overwhelmed. The first time it was relaxing and magical; we just walked around and took in activites as we found them.

    The second time, I thought I would buy a book and do it right! I totally over planned it, with restaurant reservations and the like… our family did not take to this structure too well. Best park for us was: Animal Kingdom, the shows are phenomenal!

    Our family returns to Disney in April, I am speaking at a conference… we are VERY excited about it!


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