Wordless Wednesday: Gilad Shalit – Do You Trade 1 for 1000?

Wordless Wednesday: Gilad Shalit - Do You Trade 1 for 1000?
Gilad Shalit calls home after being released

The world watched this week as the drama unfold in Gaza and Israel, when kidnapped Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit was released from Hamas captivity after five years, in exchange for the release of more than 1000 Arab terrorists from Israeli prisons.

Shalit told a TV interviewer that he hoped his release would further the peace efforts and help end the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians.

Some have celebrated and cheered. Others are outraged that the government would release one man in exchange for 1000 prisoners to freely walk the streets.

The ‘On The Fence’ Question: What is your stance on this breaking news? Is one free life worth 1000? I’d love to know you thoughts.


  1. We value life more than they do. We strive for life while they strive to kill. The terrorists life are valued at 1/1027. Golda Meir said it best: “when they learn to love their children more than they hate ours, then we have a chance for peace” (something like that). The trade was worth it.
    Check this YouTube video and tell me it wasn’t worth it. I sobbed like a baby.

  2. I am also glad to see Gilad go free but my “glad” comes along with great worry. Let’s just pray that his release doesn’t translate into innocent civilian lives being lost because 1000 terrorists are out there walking the streets again.

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