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Are you ready to FINALLY prioritize your self-care, avoid burnout, and reclaim your time, energy & joy in 2024?

The FREE Self-Care Masterclass: Your Personalized 4-Step Well-Being Roadmap for Busy Women With Real Life Schedules

Month: January 2010


My Book

My book is, <> 99 Things Women Wish They Knew Before… Starting Their Own Business.

Do you like it? I love it… It’s women, business, entrepreneurship and balance all wrapped up in one. I will be sharing my tips for women on how to start their own business and make it as successful as they dreamed. Anything women and business related is my first love and passion, it’s what I know. If you don’t know my business background, please see About Erica.

Mobile Madness

Parents must stand united in how they deal with what has become “mobile madness” or this invasion of electronics into our private lives. Things have really gotten out of hand.

Going The Distance

But, you know what, I realized I have tremendous resilience in my being and I never stay down too long. My glass is 9/10 times full. I persevere. I’m all Patty Simcox from Grease. I try. But for many women who have low self esteem, or have frequent visits from negative people in their brains, going the distance can be hard. It’s not always that easy to get your ass off the saddle and climb the hill. Life is not always a spin class at the gym where you get off the bike in 60 minutes.

The Art of Giving – OF Yourself, and TO Yourself

Many years ago, a Rabbi told me that by giving an EXTRA ONE percent of daily effort, I could self-improve by 365% by years’ end! Surely it seemed like a rather ridiculous pronouncement at the time, but as I have matured and learned, I see his words ring true.

Can Women Have It All?

In my opinion, I think having it all is being HAPPY. I really do. Truly content from within, regardless of how much money you have, regardless of whether you work, stay home, or opt out of motherhood altogether. Hey, we all have something. If life doesn’t get you one way, it gets you another, so learn to love what you have. I talked this week about being thankful. And remember, perfection is an illusion. I think it’s okay that most women don’t have it all. But we can sure as hell try!

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The People You Meet

And so my point is, there we were, all different ethnicities and religions, giving up our chairs for one another, smiling, giving words of comfort. I witnessed first hand, that in time of need, people come together. And these moments are very special and ever-lasting. Look at 9/11. The tsunami. Now Haiti. From devastation arises this incredible bond and sense of unity that is both very powerful and very wonderful.

Do You Have A Work Spouse?

So, what is the real definition of a work spouse? And do you have one? Does your boyfriend have one? Does your husband have one? And most importantly, has it progressed beyond just a work spouse?

Being Thankful

Look at the devastation in Haiti. After a 7.0 magnitude earthquake, the death toll is in the tens of thousands. These people have lost their homes, their families, their roads, their resources. And yet, we watch the news, disconnected in our own lives at the fragility of life. We’ve lost sight of the true meaning of life. We are green with envy. We are greedy. We want more and more. We look to our neighbors to see what they have. We don’t look at the goodness that we have in our own homes.

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