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Month: April 2010

Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby

But on a serious note, when and how do we discuss sexuality with our kids? I am from the school of thought that we should share knowledge with out kids and not leave them in the dark. While I agree, some things are considered “over-share” and I’m guilty, I think kids should see kissing, hand-holding and affection between partners. I truly think that growing up in a safe environment with loving parents only breeds security and love.


Never Underestimate the Power of Will

And I feel like many incredible and successful things were built on a dream… Microsoft the biggest example. I surely know that the success I have had in the past 7 months has been solely based on willpower and a dream. And that isn’t a cheesy line, it’s the truth. So I’d like to leave you with one quote. And then ask you… what do YOU imagine for yourself? What do YOU dream of? What do YOU wish for? And what are YOU doing to make that dream a reality?

Michlyn Metropolit

If You Wait For The Right Time, It’ll Never Come

So I decided to start a blog. I am an extremely busy mother of three young, beautiful children. I probably don’t have time for this, but who really does? I have enjoyed being a guest blogger at Women On The Fence, (click here) as well as on friends’ popular blogs. I truly enjoy reading them as well. Maybe I am just blessed with awesome friends or perhaps they just have captivating subject matter. Whatever the case- these readings have become a bright spot in my daily regimen- and I figured that I may have some blog in me as well.

Closed On Open Marriage

So, truth is, I have been on the lookout for a woman, who exists in my head, who would be in a loving, committed and happy marriage, to her soul-mate, but who doesn’t have exclusive sex with her husband. And he’s cool with it. And he does it too. I figured, there has to be a “normal” woman somewhere in the world, who could live in the ‘burbs, pretty house with the picket fence, the kids, but has sex outside the marriage and doesn’t get in trouble! But, so far, no woman has come knocking on my door, so I wanted to share something I found.

Sassy All Stressed Out cprt pik ws

A Working Mom’s Guilt

When it comes right down to it though, it’s an issue of priorities. Am I a mom first or am I something else first? And if I’m a mom first, does that not inherently make the decision for me? Is it selfish to want to work full time? Is it selfish to want to feel like a mom less of the time? Omigod, am i selfish? Does that mean my kids like daycare better than they like me? Hmmm? (That’s not a rhetorical question, guys.)

Solving The Dinner Dilemma, Part II

Back in September of 2009, one of my earliest Blog posts discussed the question that comes my way every day around 4:30PM (from the little people living in this house) and it’s always sure to get me all riled up… the burning question…. “What’s for dinner?” And while I have been trying my hand at some new recipes lately, I am still at a loss, probably like most of you, for great dinner suggestions on any given day.

When Illness Takes Over a Marriage

Our married life was great for some time. But then it began to unravel. At first, I ignored all the signs. The dissolution of my marriage began with my inner demons. The rapid decline of my mental health became a reality we could no longer ignore. There we were, two isolated people. Me in my world, and my husband in his. My husband took a bottle of booze with him for some extra comfort.

Reflections of a Weekend

When I awoke Sunday morning, the plan was to go over my speech for The National Woman’s Show. The hockey tournament continued into Sunday morning, with the final game at 10:30am. Surely I had been to both games on Saturday, and all his grandparents, his dad and brother were going to be there on Sunday to cheer him on. I hadn’t yet perfected my speech, and I had already been to the bathroom three times from nerves. I HAD to go over it and rehearse it. But when I said to him, “Mommy is not going to be able to make it to your game this morning,” I saw the disappointment in his eyes. I saw the sadness on his face. And then, the dagger of guilt through my heart! I knew he needed me there. And so, here was the defining moment of all my years as mom, where I truly realized that family comes first. It was where the word PRIORITIES and everything I speak of in my book and speeches came true to life. So, I chose my kid. Whether it was wrong or right to show up 5% less prepared, but having not missed out on his gold metal, is debatable. And I sat on the fence with this decision.

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