By Guest Blogger Michlyn Metropolit

Michlyn Metropolit

So I decided to start a blog.  I am an extremely busy mother of three young, beautiful children.  I probably don’t have time for this, but who really does?   I have enjoyed being a guest blogger at Women On The Fence, (click here) as well as on friends’ popular blogs. I truly enjoy reading them as well.  Maybe I am just blessed with awesome friends or perhaps they just have captivating subject matter.  Whatever the case- these readings have become a bright spot in my daily regimen- and I figured that I may have some blog in me as well.

I have been “On the Fence” on what to title this little adventure.  So after teeter tottering and going back and forth with ideas for the perfect title, I actually enlisted the advice of a few friends and family members.  I must say that their ideas absolutely sucked!   The goal of my Blog is be informative, funny, entertaining and nurturing.  I am a green mama– in every aspect of the word, although I don’t want the reading based solely around my views or advice about natural living, healthy options in a toxic world, and protecting our children from environmental damage.  I do however, want to dedicate many of my posts to providing you- readers, mothers, learners, listeners to information that you would most likely love to have at your fingertips but can’t find.


I am married to a Professional Ice Hockey Player (the NHL kind)…. Oh the Joy!!! We, as a family, have had the fortunate experience of living in many different cities, countries and continents, and with that we have also had the subsequent pleasure of experiencing and living different cultures, standards, views, thoughts,  rituals, ethics, priorities (from American norms) and general existence .  I have always been an “out of the box” thinker, a doer.  Our experiences as a family over the last decade of moving around have confirmed why I feel that this “out of the box” type of approach can often lead to furthered education, growth, wisdom and positivity.   We have been able to give and take from many cultures and these encounters have  rounded out our lives as individuals, professionals, friends,  parents, listeners, learners, initiators, advice givers, advice receivers, ZAGAT rated reviewers, researchers,  forward thinkers, property advisers, restaurant reviewers, and home and interior design initiators. There is something wonderful to be said for having had the opportunity to live around the world.

Glen Metropolit

But quick- back to the friend and fam advice for the blog title. And now that you know a bit about my background, as well as my goal of this new pet project Blog, perhaps you are better able to help me. At one point, I thought of titling the blog- Married to The Game. I will shed light in a later post why this should probably, indeed be the title.  But for now… we are here.  We are at the point where I am actually initiating the blog (the blog with no title)… and I am also here to inform anyone reading this- that while you should view family and friends as the most important priorities on your list, don’t feel bad if you ever want to disown them.  It happens! But that’s just a little side note. 🙂 Now, our last name is Metropolit, pronounced- Meh, Trow, polit- not ma tro polit.  So here are the suggestions that poured in for a title of my hopefully humored, educational, informative blog.  YOU BE THE JUDGE!!!

Maybe some reader (somewhere… I can’t imagine where you are) will agree that these are “cool” or acceptable names to title this blog and will be curious to read on (if so,… please post your name and number).  But truth is, I truly look forward to opening my blog (once I am finally set on a title and domain). I have a fantastic group of girls to be guest bloggers.  Women who have lived in every city known to man. Women know the ins and outs on a lot of stuff, who are in a position to teach.  I even have a girlfriend who is a true fashionista and somehow always manages to always look great, all the time. Far cry from my usual jeans or leggings and no makeup! She will share all her secret beauty tips as a woman connected to the fashion industry. I have many ideas.

Now while I am asking you to help me out, truly, the point in all of this is to remind you: if you ever wait for the right moment to do ANYTHING, the right moment will never come. I have been ready to dive into this for a while, but couldn’t get my ass of the fence to do it. So I realized, IT’S NEVER THE RIGHT TIME to do stuff like this. Hell, is it ever really even the perfect time to have a kid? These kinda things you almost have to dive into and figure your way out as you go.

So, I look forward to all your suggestions!! Keep ’em coming!

Happy Spring and living, ladies…

Much love,  Michlyn M

P.S.… and PLEASE GOD… PLEASE let the HABS beat Washington tonight!!