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Month: October 2010

telly savalas

Keepin’ It Light

I thought today I’d do a collaboration of ALL the “On The Fence” topics you have suggested over the past year.

It turns out there are MANY.

Here is the top 35! I didn’t hold back. I have kept track of EVERY “On the fence request” since Day 1. Please feel free to voice your faves for further expanded Blog posts.

tyler perry oprah

Wordless Wednesday: Forgiveness

Tyler Perry is an American director with a net worth in the hundreds of millions. He is the only film maker to have 5 films open #1 at the box office in the last five years beating out the likes of Steven Spielberg, Martin Scorcese, James Cameron and Quentin Tarantino. His 8 films have grossed more than $418 million dollars, each film cost less than $10 million to make (

He also came on The Oprah Show last week and opened up about being physically abused and sexually molested three times before the age of 10. After enduring constant violent beatings from his father, he was also molested at age 5 by a neighbor, then molested by a male nurse from his church, and finally by his friend’s mother– they had intercourse when he was 10.

Expectations and Disappointment in Life

I once read a saying that “Disappointments in life are almost always due to expectations. When you want something, you expect to have it, and if it doesn’t become a reality, you feel disappointed.” I guess that kinda makes sense. All of us over the course of our lives, at some point or another, have been let down or disappointed by someone or something. This week has been our week at our house.

Cyber Sex and Your Relationship

I was writing about Cyber Sex and asking the ‘regular Jane’ how she felt about it. Everyone—I mean everyone—assumed there was something wrong or missing in a relationship in order for an individual to turn to sex on the internet.

Of course this could be true. However, it never occurred to any of them that cyber sex could be a healthy sexual outlet for someone in a happy, stable relationship.

99 things women wish they knew

99 Series World Launch Today!

99 Things Women Wish They Knew Before… Starting Their Own Business

Do you wake you Monday morning and wish it were Friday already? Are you burning out in your current job and wish you had more flexibility? Are you tired of getting a paycheck for doing something you hate? Are you a stay-at-home mom who is antsy to finally do something for herself? Have you ever thought of turning your hobby into a career? If you answered YES to any of these questions, you may just be ready to start your own business!

SSBarash daughters

The Trick of Boundaries and Rules with our Daughters

As I listened to the voices of a variety of mothers this past year and investigated why mothering daughters today seems more arduous, more difficult than ever, I couldn’t help but think of my own daughters and the pitfalls and rewards of raising them. As they grew up – today they are 23 and 30– I often struggled with the ‘right’ answers to their requests.

What Do You Wanna Be When You Grow Up?

That was the question I asked 25 Grade 2 students this morning. And I got a gamut of answers, “A businessman, a lawyer, a nurse, a doctor, a spy like my mom (hmmm okay), an opera singer (yes I laughed too), a celebrity (what career is that exactly?), a baseball player, a hockey player, go into my daddy’s business, a JUGGLER.” OK great answers! Yes, I just left my son’s school for “Parents as Teachers Day.” I volunteered for this once-a-year day last year, and I was excited to return again this year.


Getting Over Getting Older

Most of the time I like being fifty-something, but this aging stuff is complex. Inside I still feel like I’m in my thirties, but then I realize that’s the age of my children. One day recently I caught a glimpse of my hands and became aware of the fact that they look like my mother’s. I’m trying to make peace with the lines around my eyes and brackets around my mouth, justifying them with the fact that I laugh a lot, but saggy skin on my hands – yikes – I’m old.

Although it’s easier said than done, there is no point in having angst about aging. Two undeniable truths are: everyone ages and aging sucks.

Wordless Wednesday

Today, October 13th, 2010, is NATIONAL FACE YOUR FEARS DAY

Here are the Top 10 Most Common Fears:










Staying Healthy

I can’t believe it’s that time again… we’re approaching winter. We’re approaching FLU SEASON. In fact, my family’s skin has faded from golden brown (lovin’ summer) to pale white to almost green-like. My boys have started with their first runny noses in months, and I have been fighting a sinus infection for about three weeks. We slacked off with our health regime all summer, because we had the benefits of natural sunlight, the great outdoors, and we ate a ton of fruit. However, with back-to-school, a bunch of kids packed into close quarters, for hours on end, it’s only a matter of time before everyone gets sick again.

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