I’m baaaack!  Since the last time I checked in, I had sex AND went back to the gym.  Well, it was about time for both! I’m still sleep deprived, and my kids are still killing each other, but hey, things could be a lot worse! Gratitude I say.

So, because I feel a little better after my run outside this morning in the freezing 35 degree Miami weather, I wanted to pass on 5 must-have foods for your diet this year. I think you know me by now, that with all my shtick, I’m still a pretty positive person. So, I’m off the somber and onto the positive. Ok ladies, it’s 2010!!!  A brand new year! A brand new chance to get it right.

new year's resolutions

If eating healthy was one of your resolutions, then listen up! Experts say there are a few foods that you can add to your diet that will improve your health and help keep away viruses and illnesses. These foods can be found just about anywhere, and while they’re low in calories, they’re big in body benefits.

  1. Grains. Add oat, barley and rye to your daily diet. Rye is set to be the new “in” grain for 2010, as one of its benefits is possibly lowering cholesterol and preventing type 2 diabetes. But take note, make sure to buy RYE MIXED WITH WHOLE WHEAT. Rye whole wheat crackers do the job. Add some cheese, and you have a great snack!
  2. Soy. Research has shown that soy wards off certain types of cancers, and has great benefits to your heart. According to the FDA, 25 grams of soy protein a day can reduce heart problems by reducing cholesterol levels. Studies have also shown that introducing soy into our children’s diets can have long lasting positive effects and help fight against breast and prostrate cancer. Soy can also help fight childhood obesity. Soy chocolate milk is a great snack for the kiddies!
  3. Salmon and oily fish. Salmon is high in vitamin D, which you all know, has been a key supplement recommendation this winter season. It contains omega-3 fatty acids that help keep your brain and heart healthy. I love salmon and it is always my Monday night dinner for my family. Actually, the American Heart Association recommends eating fish, particularly oily fish like salmon, fresh tuna, trout, etc.. twice a week. While most fish are a great source of protein, it’s particularly the oily fish that have these great omega-3’s. However, take note, that these fish types should also be eaten in MODERATION. Swordfish and fresh tuna contain mercury that have health risks of their own in high quantities.
  4. Red Wine. I know you’re all saying this is not true. In fact, I have read many studies that say women should stay away from ALL alcoholic beverages. However, a few ounces of red wine a few times a week is actually recommended. Research suggests red wine contains anti-oxidants called polyphenols that help protect the lining of blood vessels in your heart. One of the forms of anti-oxidants found in wine, is also found in apples, oranges, onions, tea, cocoa, and grape juice, but red wine has the highest level of the flavonoid. Again, in REAL moderation. Just a few ounces ladies. This is by no means the green light to drink lots of red wine daily. In fact I want to point out, some studies have shown a link between wine and breast cancer recurrence, so please drink with caution.
  5. Green Tea. Green tea is also full of anti-oxidants. I can always count on my mom to drop off a baggie of what looks like a stash of marijuana every few months. I think she goes to China to hand pick the leaves herself! Just kidding. She goes to this remote area in China town and claims that this particular strain of green tea has been tested to help fight cancer. In fact, in a recent Japanese study which looked at women with stage I and II breast cancer, research showed that the women who drank more green tea before and after their surgery, had a lower chance of the cancer recurring. It has also been proven to keep people lean! Hello 2010 resolutioners! Here’s the catch… one cup doesn’t really cut it. Have a few more cups  m’ladies to get the full effect! (CNN)

So ladies, if you are on fence about healthy or crap this year, go healthy. Think lean. Think moderation. Think positive.

think positive

This is probably my last Blog post from sunny Florida, so goodbye sun and beach! We’ve had a wonderful holiday. A la prochaine!


PS – Anyone have any must-have’s of your own you would like to share?

PPS – I couldn’t resist. Here is Tiger Woods’ Leaked Sex Video. Enjoy!