Summer is the perfect time to take a break, lay out in the sunshine and get into a great book.

On this week’s Global TV segment, I shared eight great summer reads. In the fall, I had included something for every woman: fiction, non-fiction, laugh-out-loud funny, witty, heartwarming, and a heart-pounding thriller. For the summer though, I like to keep it a little lighter. We don’t have to be serious ALL THE TIME. 😉 Sometimes it’s okay for Calgon to take us away.

Here is the segment on some great summer reads.

Here are the books if you’re shopping.

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I’d love to know, have you read any of these above, and what are you reading right now that you can’t put down? What is on YOUR summer reading list? Help us out!

And wishing all the dads out there a very Happy Father’s Day! I am forever grateful to these two.