Activia Launches New French and Greek Yogurts

I am thrilled today to kick off a brand new section to our site… ERICA’S FAVORITE THINGS!! When I look at my life, there are so many things that I couldn’t live without, that help me thrive, and multi-task with ease, so this section will be for that… my favorites! It’s about time. 🙂 When Dannon approached me to help them spread the word about the launch of their new Activia French and Greek yogurts, of course I was thrilled to do so. How natural? IT’S MY EVERY MORNING BREAKFAST! Activia yogurt is definitely one of my favorite things!!

Activia Launches New French and Greek Yogurts

My followers see my weekly tweets of my power breakfast that gets me through the day… yogurt, organic granola, fresh fruit (that I cut up on Sunday of course, remember?… Hello multi-tasking mommy), and a drizzle of honey. There’s no better way to start my day than with this breakfast. My favorite Activia variety is the thick and creamy Greek nonfat yogurt… it’s deeeeelish.

If you haven’t heard of Activia, Activia is a delicious, creamy yogurt with Bifidus Regularis® from Dannon– this hard-to-pronounce-word actually helps you naturally regulate your digestive system when consumed regularly, as part of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.  The three new styles of yogurt from Activia are Greek, French and French fruit on the bottom (if I want a quick snack on the go, I love the variety with the strawberry on the bottom).

Here are all the Flavors:

Greek-vanilla, blueberry, strawberry and pomegranate berry

French-cherry, mango, pineapple and blackberry

French with fruit on bottom-mixed berry and strawberry

Activia Launches New French and Greek Yogurts

Dannon Activia Selects lets you visit Europe from your kitchen by bringing the true taste of French and Greek yogurt to you in a cup! Plus it helps keep you looking and feeling healthy and great! I’m into that. 😉

So in honor of the launch of one of my favorite things, and my favorite yogurt, I am giving away an Activia gift package to three random lucky winners! In the gift pack is an Activia lunchbox, tote and mug with spoon!

Just tell me below or on our Facebook page, what are you health goals for the rest of the year? Put it out there into the universe, so you can hold yourself accountable to them. 🙂

And don’t forget to visit Activia on Facebook…


* All statements are considered my own and represent my rue and considered opinions.
* 3 Winners will be chosen at random.
* Draw will be Friday, September 30, 2011.
  1. I’d like to lose 5 pounds by December. I am always looking for fat free greek yogurt. I will definitely check this out. I love this section. I have a few ideas. I will email you erica.

  2. I actually want to gain some muscle weight! 🙂 Love this new section — can’t wait to read about your other faves!

  3. I decided that when I walk my son to school, I will keep walking for an hour each morning, rain or shine. I’ve recruited some other moms to walk with me, so I’m pretty excited about this!

  4. I would like to commit to running 3 times per week. I’ve been really bad with this lately but want to get back to my running. I used to be very committed.

  5. I would like to start buying organic fruits, vegetables and dairy. I think these make a difference in your overall health. I’m trying.

  6. I want to start yoga. I know it will be so good for my mental wellbeing. It was a new years resolution that I let slip by the wayside. Yoga is my health goal for sure.

  7. I would like to keep juicing and making smoothies everyday. Plus adding more exercising to my daily activities, to include walking, yoga and pilates.

  8. To de-clutter so I can then get back to eating properly & to start a “beginner” exercise routine = I’m currently being held captive by my “stuff”! 😐

  9. I am going on a cruise at the end of October and while I am already in pretty good shape, I want to better myself even more. This means I have to stay consistent with my workouts(aiming for 4-5 per week, strength and cardio) and stick to clean, healthy eating!! Yogurt is one of my fave foods and also a staple in my diet. YUM!!

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