I have been keeping this under wraps for some time until I was given the green light last Friday. Yes, I actually became a Spokesperson for one of my FAVORITE THINGS of the past 13 years… a definitely cool thing. So, since I haven’t gone one single day without using Microsoft Office since I started my first business in 1999, it was only fitting it belonged here, as one of Erica’s Favorite Things.

Perhaps you have been using Microsoft Office like me for many years, or perhaps you’re just getting started. If you have never heard of Office, maybe you’ve heard of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and OneNote. Yup, as a businesswoman and mom, these are some powerful and useful programs I simply cannot live without.

Today, I wanted show you why Microsoft Office has been one of my favorite things for many years. If you are already using it, below I will give you a mini brush-up lesson on some of the new features in Microsoft Outlook 2010. In months to come, I will also be giving away a few free copies, so look out for that!

But for today, if you are also a busy woman and mom on the go, here are some features and functions you should know about.


SkyDrive (Office Web Apps): Office Web Apps is a cloud technology that allows you to access and edit Office documents from virtually anywhere. Even if a colleague/friend doesn’t have Office they can still view/edit the documents through the Web App. Very cool!


Helpful Links


OneNote: OneNote isn’t just for taking notes. Once you dive in and experience all the great features, you’ll find endless uses for the program like storing recipes or planning a special event. I am just getting started in OneNote and I can’t believe just how powerful it is.


Microsoft Office tips for Bloggers and Businesses:


Tips for Outlook. I confess, this one is my favorite. I simple CANNOT FUNCTION WITH OUTLOOK.

These are just a few of the new features. There are so many more. I encourage you to read the Office Blog for more useful ways to use Microsoft Office: http://blogs.office.com

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Finally, check out this fun video I shot with a fellow hockey mom about some great new features of Office. We also share our best work / life balance tips.

I’d love to know– what are YOUR favorite features in Microsoft Office? Please share how YOU use the different Microsoft Office programs for your work and home life. Perhaps we can all learn a few tips!


Disclosure: I’m proud to be a paid Microsoft Office Spokesperson. All opinions are my own.