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With the whole Tiger Woods Saga. The rise of the chosen one, the fall of the chosen one, and now, the possible resurrection. And then, yesterday, the commercial. For those of you who haven’t yet seen Tiger Woods’ new Nike commercial, check it out here, so you can participate in the chat! As Tiger prepares for his return to professional golf this weekend at The Masters, one of his remaining sponsors, Nike, has created this new commercial using the voice of his late father, Earl Woods, giving him a kind of slap on his behind for his bad behavior.

tiger woods new nike commercial

CLICK HERE for Tiger Woods New Nike Commercial

Alright you’ve seen it. Powerful stuff, especially given the huge impact his dad had on his life and career. And by the way, this is not the first time Nike has created a goose-bump, bone chilling commercial for Tiger either. Check out these two ads they created for him years back. Unreal!

Hello World

I am Tiger Woods

So, what do we make of this? Well firstly, I feel they have every right to do whatever they want with this guy. They are his title sponsor, they launch the “image” and clearly, it’s an image of REMORSE. I mean, look above at this face… is that the fist pumping, cocky, narcissistic Tiger Woods we’ve come to know and possibly love all the years? No! He’s eating a good dose of humble pie and down on his knees begging (hopefully not for more sex). And whether it was appropriate to exploit his dead father or not, is kinda irrelevant. I don’t think it’s appropriate, but Tiger obviously gave the green light, so who are we to judge? Yes, it’s all the things everyone is saying… creepy, offensive and exploitative.

But what interests me as a wife and businesswoman, is how private life collides with media life. This isn’t just business. It’s business and personal all intertwined. This guy didn’t screw up a business merger. He didn’t lose his shareholders’ money. He had his pee-pee in every Big-Boobed-Becky.  But now, the media is in control of his private life and the whole concept of rebuilding his brand. His comeback in golf will be a smooth sail, no doubt. But his comeback in life and his marriage is a whole other thing. And we will forgive him over time, cuz we the public are always forgiving of these types of things. We hear “I sinned,” and over time, we forget. This is not a picture of Rihanna’s beaten face with Chris Brown forever as a monster in our eyes. This is a guy who couldn’t resist temptation, with a wandering eye, feeling he could play and get away without suffering any consequences.

tiger woods just do it

So now, dropped by multi-million dollar sponsors like AT&T, Gatorade and Accenture, Nike will no doubt aid in his rebuild. And this isn’t their first time encountering controversy over one of their sponsored athletes either… remember Kobe Bryant and Michale Vick? But, Nike walked away from these two guys. Interesting.

So, will I tune in this weekend?? You bet! I love golf and all eyes will be on Tiger. The million dollar question remains, did he learn his lesson and will he keep his pecker in his pants? That remains to be seen.

What do you make of all of this ladies? Are you on the fence about the whole thing? We’d love to know!

Happy Friday!

PS – See you all this Sunday, April 11th, 3:30PM center stage, in Montreal at The National Women’s Show!


  1. Any woman who has been betrayed in this world ( and there are many forms of it) knows that kick in the stomach feeling when you realize you’ve been deceived.
    Tiger Woods to me is a lot like most men in this world who are weak in the eyes of temptation and strong in denying it.
    Personally, I think what the media has done to it is appalling and disgusting because they feed off this kind of thing. But we have given them that right because we either buy the magazines, watch Entertainment Tonight or TMZ..I mean let’s face it, we’ve all been curious at some point and to get even a snapshot of their ” inside world” has been tempting. ( that’s where we’re weak in the face of tempation).
    I will make a bold statement and the reason I can is because I’ve been there.
    No man and no woman cheats ( unless they are sex addicts, which I don’t believe) for no reason and everyone who has been cheated on, once you really take a good look at yourself and your relationship, will find the answer to the ” Why and How could you”. It’s not fair to always point fingers because it takes 2 to make it work and 2 to fail at making it work. Now in this case, who really knows what was going on behind closed doors. I mean do we really, really know????
    BUT, it doesn’t excuse that he did it.
    I will say this, if you think you really know your husband, boyfriend or partner whatever you want to call them,think again. We really don’t know EVERYTHING and would be sadly mistaken to think otherwise.That old adage always lingers…if you knew you could get away with something and no one would find out, what would it be?

  2. helen, as someone who was also cheated on also, there is no more disgusting, hurtful, dirty feeling in the world. whether tiger is a sex addict or not isn’t the point. he will beg for forgivess and yes erica, i also think we will give it to him. whether his wife forgives him or not will remain to be seen. this guy was a real dog. i mean REAL DOG!

  3. I look forward every day to reading your blogs. One day sad, one day funny one, day heart warming. I just listened to your interview on the radio from yesterday and she said your website is addictive. It is.

  4. I find it amazing how males in society can overcome this type of crisis and return to life as it was before these events with barely a blemish. However if a woman was caught in a similar scenario her remaining days on this earth would be spent with a giant billboard over her head!
    I hate society’s double standard

  5. Erica, You are the best Blogger ever. I love reading all your blogs. You totally say what all of us are thinking. Keep it up really interesting topics


    Orit oh ya PS Happy Birthday

  6. We may forgive, but we NEVER forget! He will never hold that “god-send” reputation again for as long as he lives… no matter his golf ranking. Good for Nike for throwing it back in his face… it shows they take their sponsorships seriously, and send a message to send to ALL men.

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