The Essential Self-Care Quiz
The Essential Self-Care Quiz

Hi friends! and I’m really excited for you to know how you’re doing with your own self-care! This knowledge is really powerful for you. So, how good are you to yourself? Do…

To Stay Or Leave – An Abusive Relationship

Each year, the stories get better and better, and are exceptionally moving. This year was no different. I knew we were going to be hearing speaker Leslie Morgan Steiner, author of Mommy Wars and Crazy Love. I had not read her books, and only briefly read her story. I knew that she had graduated from two ivy league schools (Harvard and Wharton). A smart, beautiful woman with a career on the rise. Brought up in a financially comfortable and loving family. She had the world by the tail… that is, until she married a violently abusive man and entered into a life of hell for four years .

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