Unless you’ve been living under a rock, I am sure you have heard the news and stories circulating around actor Charlie Sheen, and what happened in New York the evening of October 26th. It’s also no secret that a ‘behind-the-scenes’ chance encounter with his ex-wife, Denise Richards, showed me an incredible and compassionate side to her. You can read more about it here.  We have stayed in touch ever since. I also feel very strongly when it comes to hurting other people and bullying other people without giving them a chance to defend themselves. I made a video about that as well, and you can see it here.

So after consulting with Denise this morning, I decided to post one of her recent Blogs from her website. While she defends herself against a “bullying” EOnline reporter, I think her message at the end is very strong, and one we can all learn from. Read her post here…

“I don’t know why I’m still surprised by some of the things written and said about me in the press. One person, Ted Casablanca from EOnline, decided to give his opinion, a very judgemental one at that, on what he thought about my interviews that I did while promoting a show in NY last week. I’m not really sure if he saw the same interviews that everyone else did given the positive feedback I got, but clearly he had many opinions of how I handled my appearances.

Given the circumstances, it took everything in me to do those interviews, but I did them. Anyone that says I have the situation to thank for all the press or this is my opportunity to get “face time” is very ignorant. This is not the kind of press I embrace. What happened is extremely personal and I do have two daughters to protect which I’ve been doing since the day they were born and will continue to do so. I also had a job to do. I could’ve very easily canceled all of my appearances. Quite frankly, that would’ve been the easy thing to do. I want to be a strong role model for my girls, my parents taught me that during challenging times you pick yourself up and move forward. That’s what I did.

Ted says he finds it “hard to imagine that I turned down numerous press opportunities” after what happened. Yes Ted, believe it or not several people did want to interview me. As a matter of fact, the Today Show wanted to move my segment from the 10am hour to the 8am hour. I said no. I kept the exact schedule that was in place two months ago, no more no less. Ted also said, “This b**** is as crafty as they come.” As if I “crafted” this situation. Teddy, do you honestly think I “crafted” this?? That quote is unbelievable to me. I had no control over what happened in NY. You honestly had to have pulled that one out of your ass, I really don’t know where you got that quote.

He also goes on to say…”I called the Joy Behar producers to let them know I wasn’t running late or anything but thought I would let them know I was on my way.” That comment doesn’t even make sense. Truth be told, I did not call the producers. My publicist did make a phone call to say I was running late, which I actually was. I suppose we could’ve been rude and not said anything. Given I was coming from another interview and Joy Behar was my last one for the day, I was behind schedule. We thought it was the polite and respectful thing to do, to give her and her crew a heads up. How that turns into something negative is beyond me. As a matter of fact, Joy was lovely enough to send my daughters and I Halloween treats to our home thanking me for being on her show.

Ted you also say, ” I went on to speak about Charlie for my entire segment.” You even titled your article “Driven Denise Name-Drops her Ex.” Maybe you should clean out your ears my friend. I cannot control what I’m being asked in an interview. I did not bring up Charlie’s name. I was asked several questions about him, which I think I handled gracefully, but Teddy you are definitely entitled to your opinion.

Let’s see…what else does my friend Ted say here…Oh yes…that on my way back from the hospital, “I alerted whichever myriad NY media visits I was headed to.” Actually, on my way back from the hospital, I headed to Howard Stern. Give it a listen… never once did I mention a word… and if you listen to Howard at all, he was very complimentary of me afterwards for doing his show and not saying anything about what happened.

You then go on to say…”She knows how to tell an interviewer to Can it,” “Try it next time, girl.” Really Teddy? I have never been disrespectful to tell an interviewer to “Can It.” Anyone that watched my interviews, could see I answered with class and grace. I did the best I could during my interviews and often it’s so easy to judge people from the outside. I have had many negative things written and said about me over the last few years. I would be lying if I said it didn’t hurt sometimes. I find it disheartening that some journalists (not all) use their opinion as Fact for stories. There is no fact checking anymore, no facts to back up most stories, no regard as to how a false negative story may affect that person, their career, and their family.

Nobody knows what really goes on behind closed doors except for the people involved. Whatever opinion a “journalist” may have, they print it and they say it, it doesn’t matter anymore. Anything goes in most media outlets these days. I did an anti-bullying campaign before my trip. I think it’s so important to set a strong example for our youth. If everything our youth reads and hears on these sites, magazines, and tabloid shows is incredibly negative and judgemental, what’s to stop them from saying and doing things to hurt others?

Ted Casablanca…next time, perhaps you should think before you speak. My mom always said, you can never take back words.” DeniseRichards.com

I wanted to stress the grave consequences of saying negative things about people without them being there to defend themselves. Not everyone has a Blog (with millions of followers like Denise) or an outlet to post rebuttals and explanations. What about the teens that are the victims of horrific words, Facebook postings and Twitter updates? What about those people on the receiving end of bullying and cyberbullying? Do we give their feelings or the consequences any concern before we talk negatively about them? I don’t think even as adults we truly comprehend the repercussions of talking behind friends’ backs, and saying derogatory comments about people we know. It’s LETHAL.

So my point today, is to be mindful: the next time you talk poorly about someone, remember, you can never take those words back.


I’d love to know your thoughts.