Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday

My 3 year old and daddy this weekend.

The ‘On The Fence’ Question: Do you push to finish the hour and fulfill your commitment, or do you call it a day?

When is it pushing too hard, and when should you push to not raise a quitter?

I never know the right answer. Would love your advice! Let’s get the conversation going. 🙂


  1. I always wonder also what the right thing to do is. My daughter takes figure skating and has recently been bumped up to the older group. While her skating is at par with theirs her emotional level is not quite there. So sometimes she’s frustrated and I never know if I’m pushing too hard or if she should see it though. It’s a great discussion.

  2. It depends when this meltdown happened. At the beginning of the hour or end. If it’s at the beginning I agree to dust him off and encourage him to keep going. If it was towards the end of the hour he is only 3. Let him be the baby that he is. He’ll come out firing next time.

  3. Go with the flow. If it seems like your kid(s) have had enough-this activity is for your kid, not you (the adult). Know when to call it a day……

  4. When they were preschoolers I cut them a lot of slack. If they were having a terrible time, I let them quit early. It’s supposed to be fun, right?

    Now, I give them a gentle nudge when they feel like quitting. But everybody has bad days, including kids. If they are genuinely having a rough time, they can sit out the last few minutes of an activity or perhaps skip ONE session. I pick my battles and this isn’t one of them.

  5. I think every situation is different! Sometimes they need a push and sometimes we need let them decide if they want to call it a day.
    As parents should be able to read what’s going on with our child and even ask them later how they felt about us giving them a push or calling it quits. We’re so afraid that they’re not going to excel if we don’t push them enough but pushing them too much also has it’s consequences. They may feel that they need to keep going to please us and feel more loved, but that could lead to resentment.

  6. Why dont you bring him/her to free hour along with some Tim bits and have them go on and off the ice as they please. This way you don’t stress about loosing your money and they don’t stress either.

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