Could a Sleep Divorce Help Your Marriage?

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A sleep divorce! It’s all the rage!


But with headlines like these: Getting a Sleep Divorce Is the Best Thing I’ve Ever Done for My Marriage—and My Health and A sleep divorce could save your marriage, I wanted to discuss it on Global TV this week.

So, let’s discuss the ins and outs. And what is a sleep divorce anyhow?

Could a Sleep Divorce Help Your Marriage?


  • DEFINITION: “Sleep divorce means simply sleeping in a different bed or bedroom from your partner or spouse
  • Studies indicate almost 40% of people would prefer to not share a bed with their significant other
  • 30 to 40% of Canadian couples sleep in different beds
  • There has been a rise in the request for double master bedroom homes
  • Sleep deprivation has been linked to mood changes, low sex drive, and a low appreciation of your partner, so it will possibly benefit your relationship.

I know that when I don’t have my beauty sleep, I’m one grumpy woman.

If you’re considering a sleep divorce, I share 3 rules in my segment.

Also, I share my personal opinion on this topic… but you’ve gotta watch.

Happy FriYAY! I wish you peaceful sleep this weekend!


Could a Sleep Divorce Help Your Marriage?

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