Well, hello and welcome to my favorite time management strategy: Eat the Frog!

What do you mean, Eat the Frog? Yes, Eat The Frog was coined by Brian Tracy.  It means that thing you really don’t want to do— do it first! Eat the frog first!

This ensures things will get done. We naturally put off what is difficult and tackle the easy stuff.  But simply put, do Your Most Dreaded Task FIRST. Time block the frog, block out distractions and then do it.

Let’s talk more about this: I like taking the morning to tackle the hardest things of the day—those heavy tasks that you know you won’t have the energy for later. Maybe it’s that phone call you’ve been dreading to make. Or your family budget, or you resume, and you don’t know where to start. Whatever it is, that hard thing, it hangs over your head, distracting you with guilt or anxiety because it keeps getting pushed to the next day and the next.

It’s time to end that cycle. Do it first thing. Easy stuff later, dreaded tasks first.  Maybe you can’t finish it in one day, but you can at least get started, and often it’s the getting started that’s the hardest part.

I love eating the frog!! Isn’t it awesome?

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Erica Diamond


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