Do It... With Coffee

In Sweden, they’re known to enjoy a good coffee outdoors, or Fika (a coffee break that’s more about socializing than drinking coffee), with any activity they do. It is supposed to “enhance the experience.”

Meet my neighbour Amazing Amy. She is the one I take my work breaks with. She is also funny, and smart, and witty as hell.

It often goes like this:
“You free and need out right now?”
“Yah, you?”
“Meet you outside in 5.”

A stroll, with a friend, in nature, this afternoon. Hitting all the self-care high notes. Movement, social connection, the great outdoors.

And with a coffee!

“The magic of coffee outside is that it encourages us to be in the moment, to sit and watch the world around us, to ground into our presence. In our busy, overplanned, distracted lives, we need more of that. If we brew coffee outside for no other reason than that it makes us happy, that’s reason enough: contentment in the present moment.” –

Grab your awesome neighbour, grab a coffee, get your ass outside for 25 mins. You won’t be sorry.

Do It... With Coffee

Erica Diamond


Erica Diamond is a women's expert, TV Personality and author. Inspiring OFF THE FENCE Living, Erica Diamond is a leading Women's Expert and Life Coach, TV Personality, Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, Yoga Teacher, and Founder of the popular lifestyle brand®