It’s no secret I am a complete music junkie. I would go as far as to say that I am OBSESSED with music.

I recently sat down with jazz pop sensation Nikki Yanofsky, and what I discovered was a cool, bright, articulate and grounded young woman who knows what she wants, is doing what she loves, and is chasing her passion with fierce determination. This ain’t no woman on the fence! She’s a natural born singer, and we get a little taste of that in this interview. And yes, I got her to sing for us!

Here is the full Global TV interview, so if you enjoy Nikki Yanofsky, there’re lots of Nikki here to enjoy.

Check out her latest single, Something New and see for yourself.

I look forward to seeing what’s next for Nikki Yanofsky. Her future looks bright — very bright, and I’m proud to call her our own Montreal homegrown creation.

I’d love to hear your thoughts.