I listened to something this weekend that I was merely curious about at first, but instead of tuning in for a couple of minutes, found myself lying in bed Sunday morning and listening to the entire hour.


Andy Lassner.

Maybe you follow him on Twitter, maybe you don’t (you should if you don’t, the guy is funny as hell). Andy, (Executive Producer of The Ellen Degeneres Show) and I have been following each other on Twitter for a few years now.

Here I am actually nine months ago dancing on The Ellen Show.


But I digress…

Sunday morning, I saw that Andy had tweeted out a podcast he did on the new show Failing Up, where successful people, their stories, and the failures they experienced along the way, are showcased. The failures that have brought them to where they are today. And I asked him if I could share the podcast with you.

I don’t want to give away Andy’s story of addiction, hitting rock bottom, resilience, hope, and then coming back in a big way, but Andy is such a remarkable example of a human being who got his ass of the fence.

And it is for that reason that his interview lives on our blog today.

If you have an hour in bed tonight, I highly suggest you listen in.

Direct link to podcast: https://soundcloud.com/failingup/andy-lassner-failing-up-episode-1

And then leave a comment below. Andy will be reading.