It’s almost that time of year– the holiday season! This is by far my favorite time of year. Right around now, I love to grab a nice hot peppermint latte at Starbucks, Nat King Cole’s  “Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire” is playing softly in the background, and everyone is festive. Holiday time in Montreal is so beautiful. We have the snow which adds such a vivid dimension to holiday time. It’s cozy. In fact, I walked by Ogilvy’s with the boys just last weekend (a department store in downtown Montreal), and they already had their Christmas window up!

Yesterday, I was talking to the great peeps at Kleenex, and we were chit chatting about our plans for the Christmas holidays. Because the Kleenex Cool Touch program (which I so proudly am the Brand Ambassador for) is all about softness worth sharing, we somehow ended up on the topic of sharing family traditions, and what holiday traditions have been shared, and passed down from generation to generation.

I started reminiscing about the Chanukah traditions we had in our home, and the girls shared their Christmas traditions too. But more specifically, a tradition that almost EVERY Friday night as a little girl, I slept at my grandparents’ apartment. At only 10 years old, Dallas was my favorite show on TV. Yup, I was always mature for my age. 😉  I vividly remember the 7th season cliffhanger– Bobby Ewing dying in the hospital (later to be resurrected. Ugh). No, my mother would NOT let me watch Dallas, but my “bubby” did! We would kick my grandfather out of bed– he’d sleep on the den sofa, and my grandmother and I would watch Dallas together, religiously, 9PM Friday nights on CBS. It was a tradition for years. And that tradition has been been passed on, and my boys now often sleep at their grandparents’ Friday night.

Another tradition that has been passed down, is my nightly bath. I remember growing up, my mother religiously taking her nightly bath, candle, and yummy smells permeating from the bathroom. I laugh, because my boys know that mommy NEEDS her nightly bath to relax. I also light candles and add yummy lavender smells. It’s amazing how traditions get passed on and shared.

So, today’s post is all about sharing, and passing on traditions from generation to generation. It’s also dedicated to sharing an inspirational message with a loved one, who perhaps you won’t be with this holiday season. Send those you love a message and share pack online at, and you will get to try new Kleenex Cool Touch FOR FREE! It’s all about who can spark the longest sharing chain! So far, 261,000+ people have shared inspirational messages!! Very cool.


I’d love to know, what family traditions have been shared and passed down in YOUR family? What do you hope to pass down to YOUR own children? Share those right here…


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Disclosure: I’m proud to be a paid Kleenex Brand Ambassador for the Softness Worth Sharing Program.