So, this is the deal, ladies. Our website got overtaken by hackers in Pakistan this past weekend.

We then decided Monday morning to prematurely launch our new site redesign (it was the same amount of work to bring back the old site, or get the new one up and running).

But maybe that was a mistake.

We’ve been working on our blog redesign for A LONG TIME. Our goal is to bring you a more user-friendly experience, easier to navigate, and specifically, a more mobile friendly site too.

Well, nothing’s been working right since Monday morning.

We have a top banner that is both so incorrect and taking up your entire screen! Um, no thank you. Images are missing from blog posts. Sharing buttons are wrong. Sidebar is wrong. All wrong, wrong, wrong.

But we’ll get it right in the end. I know we will.

As I was about to lose my shit this morning, I got this image from my girlfriend Tanya. Isn’t it complete perfection? How many of us are walking around living in the third row? The FOURTH row? No joy, no laughter, no passion. This could be the wakeup call of the century.


After seeing this picture, I decided that even today, in the eye of the storm, I’m still gonna try and live in the front row.

This frustrating week has taught me a lot and I’d like to pass the reminder on to you. When you launch something new, when you TRY something new, it’s usually rocky. There are bumps, glitches and hurdles. It’s part of new beginnings. It’s part of being outside our comfort zones. But the key is to ride out the storm until it passes. To stay the course. Cuz the good stuff lives on other side of struggle.

Happy weekend. Wish us luck, WomenOnTheFencers. xo