This morning, I spoke about our new global Movement for the first time on tv. As the Weekly Parenting Correspondent on Global TV, each week I tackle a new parenting topic. But today, I had the opportunity to speak about our newly launched global Get Off The Fence Movement. The exciting parenting piece in all of this, is that parents have been taking the Get Off The Fence pledge – to cook healthier meals for their families, read more to their children, become more patient parents, etc… It’s been a gift to hear all the different OFF THE FENCE pledges people have been taking since we launched. My most recent personal pledge is to try and power down by 9pm. I’ve been doing pretty well.

So, it’s with great excitement that I show you this week’s Global TV segment. I hope you’ll join me in taking the leap off the fence! Take the pledge today at

I’d love to know, WHAT ARE YOU ON THE FENCE ABOUT and what are you doing to take that first step? Because the secret to begin thriving, is to take that first baby step. Any decision, no matter the outcome, is better than sitting perched.

Many blessings,