What a great topic. How to keep your energy and vibration high. Thanks Oprah!

It’s my life’s work and mission to help teach you this, since I vibrate at a high frequency and energy level.

Some things you can do now to increase your energy and vibration frequency:

  • Be mindful of your thoughts. Your thoughts are your energy – good or bad
  • Meditate. Daily if you can. Visit @insighttimer and choose one of my free meditations today
  • Move your body daily if you can. Jumping jacks count! I’m kinda partial to yoga, of course lol!
  • Be mindful of the food you eat. Your food is the greatest energizing fuel, or biggest form of poison. Eat foods that are rainbow colourful. And search EricaDiamond.com for ‘food for mood.’
  • Put on your favorite music and have a dance party! SERIOUSLY! Instant mood picker-upper!
  • Practice daily gratitude. Go ahead and share with me 1 THING YOU’RE GRATEFUL FOR TODAY. I’d love to know. Doooo ittttt!
  • Unplug early and get 7-8 hours of sleep. Sleep is your master secret weapon. Can’t vibe high if you’re exhausted.
  • Keep yourself hydrated with the goods- the goods being, H2O my friends ?
  • Cut out toxic people from your life. See how much lighter you’ll feel
  • Don’t procrastinate. You will vibe higher if you stay on top of your tasks and don’t put things off

If I can help you feel more ALIVE, please reach out to me today!

Happy Sunday!


Erica Diamond


Erica Diamond is a women's expert, TV Personality and author. Inspiring OFF THE FENCE Living, Erica Diamond is a leading Women's Expert and Life Coach, TV Personality, Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, Yoga Teacher, and Founder of the popular lifestyle brand WomenOnTheFence.com®