By Guest Blogger Shawn Evans

My name is Shawn Evans, and I am the co-owner Can’t We Just Get Along Counselling. We specialize in couples counselling, family therapy, affair recovery and other types of personal and family therapy. I produced this info-graphic outlining the truth about infidelity. The recent news of the Ashley Madison website hack encouraged me to research the real reasons behind infidelity.

The info-graphic outlines how many people cheat, why they cheat, and how couples can recover from infidelity. It was very interesting to discover that 56% of men and 34% of women who cheat rate their marriage as happy or very happy, which makes the reason people cheat a little harder to understand.

It is difficult to recover from infidelity, and there are certain steps that both the betrayed spouse and the unfaithful spouse need to take if they want to repair their relationship.

I hope my tips help.


What did you think about this infidelity info-graphic? So many stats up there to discuss…. an average affair lasts two years (wow), only 31% of marriages survive an affair. Would love your thoughts.