#ThrowbackThursday to #Blogher14. I just stumbled upon my the #TimelineProject photo I took last year. The Timeline Project was all about declaring your dreams and goals to the world (or just yourself), physically writing them down, and then keeping the photo visible to constantly stay motivated.

But sometimes we experience setbacks or slowdowns.

I’m 40 1/2 (not 39 3/4), and still haven’t launched yet. But it hasn’t stopped me from working and going and doing. I almost see the finish line (or shall I stay, the ‘starting from scratch‘ line).

The point of today’s post? Don’t let setbacks throw you completely off course. Embrace the setback, honor the setback, and then get back on the horse and keep trucking. No one says you have to abandon your dreams just because your #TimelineProject is a little off.

Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian compadres. Enjoy the turkey. 😉