Life Lessons from a Flower

Life Lessons from a Flower

Remember these goners?

Never underestimate the power of love and care. In a plant. In a person.

They could be down. They could be downtrodden. It could be as though their flowers and leaves have died, never to return. Like these. 

But you cut off the dead ends. You talk to it. You water it. You put it in the sunshine. You make it think it’s worthy of saving. And it regrows. More green, more beautiful than ever. 

And then little flowers begin to bloom again. 

People told me to throw these out, that they weren’t worth saving. My husband even thinks they’re long gone (surprise!). But I have been quietly caring and watering them every single day for the past 6 weeks. I never lost hope. 

Life lessons from a flower: sometimes we too can feel a little hopeless. If we can shed the ends, and shed what isn’t working— allow time and space to reflect, to grow, to heal, we too can come out a new flower. 

I hope we can all come out of this time as a new flower. I think this was a wake up call that so many people needed, as far as priorities. If we’ve been doing the work, finally getting rid of what we don’t need, shedding and purging, we could shine brighter. We could become more evolved. 

What we give love and attention to, grows. That includes ourselves. 

What do you think?

Life Lessons from a Flower

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