Music Monday

There is something on Twitter called Music Monday, where you recommend music for people to discover. Thank you to Kirstie Alley, whom I follow on Twitter and who shared this link last night. I find it captivating on so many levels.

Maybe you have already seen it, maybe you have not. But to me, the message is clear: we all have a gift. All of us. No matter what your social status, or marital status, or income status. Talent is talent, and what separates you from your fellow man, is truly, the flip of a coin.  

Take a moment to appreciate this sound. I hope it starts your Monday off right.

What do you think?

Happy Monday from vacation.


  1. This gave me the chills. Their voices and the music are pure joy to the ears. Thank you for sharing. I’ll pass it along. Have fun on your vacation.

  2. This really meant something very special for me tonight. This is reconfirmation that no matter how much your children disappoint you, after that anger and pain settles – no matter what, you still must stand by them…. because they will be afraid, when the sky tumbles and falls, when the night comes, no matter who you are, no matter where you go in life, n0 matter where you go in life, how much money or friends you have, you’re gonna need someone to stand by you….. and who else but momma!

  3. I thought this Global version of “Stand By Me” was AWESOME! I commented to Erica Diamond, “who needs American Idol?” LOL 😉

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