On Raising Inclusive Children

I did a TV segment I am proud of last week. If you follow me, you know that I have spoken out about the senseless killing of George Floyd, supporting my black friends, the black community and having a social media platform- to use it for good. And I have been continuing to do that daily with my podcast, my blog etc.

Last week’s segment was to help parents raise inclusive children so that racism ends with us. So that black excellence is supported and recognized, and that equality finally, TRULY, begins with us.

After this segment aired last Wednesday, I received many messages thanking me for doing this segment, and as a white ally, thanking me for supporting the black community. But then somehow, a little voice in my head, my own voice said, “Erica, don’t share this. At first glance, a white woman taking about racism looks wrong. Sit down. You’re not in your lane.”

I let that voice silence me. And then I realized today that I can’t help the color of my skin. But I CAN help share important messages – messages that support the obligation we have to continue to speak up, and speak out. We have to continue do the work together- we must, no one can do it alone.  We did this segment because I am the weekly parenting contributor on Global News, and this is a parenting matter. This is a parenting issue. It’s on us parents to raise the next generation of quality humans.

If you watch till the end, I broke down crying for the first time ever in almost 8 years of my weekly job. And despite that, I have decided to post this video of extreme vulnerability in hopes of continuing to share that #BlackLivesMatter and what it means to be compassionate, and inclusive.

So, back to this segment which i am sharing today. How can we can raise inclusive and tolerant kids? It starts with you, and it starts with me.

Thank you Laura Casella and Global News for holding a safe space for me. I am still learning every day.

Thank you.

On Raising Inclusive Children

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