On The Fence: Nanny Cam or No Nanny Cam?

My Weekly Parenting Segment aired this morning on Global TV. This week’s topic was ‘Babysitters’ – how to find one, hire one, the rules on food, cell phone use, the boyfriend, etc. And then the big one: TO INSTALL A NANNY CAM, OR NOT.

The segment created a buzz online, with people weighing in on the issue. Just an example of the conversation…

On The Fence: Nanny Cam or No Nanny Cam?

To view this moring’s segment, click here: http://globalnews.ca/video/469464/erica-diamond-babysitter-dilemmas

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I’d really love YOUR OPINION. It’s a loaded ‘on the fence’ question: Does spying on your babysitter with a hidden camera make you feel safer when you’re not there? Would you spy on a babysitter or go solely on gut instinct? 

On The Fence: Nanny Cam or No Nanny Cam?

  1. I would never install a camera. I don’t want to see my babysitter picking her nose!!!! I agree that either I trust her or hire someone else.

  2. This is something I have thought about a lot especially when I was working and had hired a nanny to watch my two little ones. It’s debatable because if you don’t trust your nanny, then why not replace her. Your child’s safety is most important and having a nanny cam would make me feel more at ease. I would feel better informing the nanny that we have cameras installed. I would be devastated if I saw the nanny doing something to my children so the nanny knowing there is a camera, would deter her from doing anything to the children. With the news that you hear, anyone can snap. This is not to say that all nannies/sitters cannot be trusted! There are wonderful people out there but how do you trust them. Therefore, in my opinion if you inform the potential nanny that camera(s) are installed would be better.

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