If you’re married or in a relationship, perhaps you have quirky parts to your relationship. Perhaps you and your partner have little sexy things you like to do. Perhaps you’re the quirky one and he’s the serious one, as in my relationship.

Check out the episode of a new Mom show Mommy To Mommy TV I Co-Hosted with Kimberly Blaine in L.A. at Sony Studios on the set of CBS’s Rules of Engagement.

We’re talking the funny things we do, our partners do, the importance of date night, what we find sexy, and I confess my Twitter addiction.

If you’re looking for cool mom products, or if if you’re just looking to take a voyeuristic peak into other peoples’ marriages, this episode is for you!

Enjoy and let me know what you think.

We’d love to hear your perspective and how your marriage is unique in it’s own way.