The Bucket List – Updated

I think you readers will be happy to know that I have since recovered from last week’s nervous breakdown. 🙂 Yes, I’m back… it’s me, Erica the overall normal individual, flawed, but still together. It’s amazing what a little support does. You women gave me perspective, a chance to take a breath and realize, we all lose it, and that’s okay. It’s how quickly we bounce back that’s the key.

One of my most popular Blog posts and concepts that really took off over the past year, has been my Bucket List Blog.  On February 19th, 2010 I urged you to make a list of your dreams– or simply a list of 25 things you want to do before you “kick the bucket.” The concept pushed many, including Brooke Burke to create her Bucket List which she spoke of on The Oprah Show, on her Blog, and in her upcoming book, The Naked Mom. Because of the power of the Bucket List, and with the approach of 2011, instead of making New Year’s resolutions this year, I wanted to encourage all my readers who haven’t yet done so to make their Bucket List.  I’ve re-posted mine below, added a few updates in RED (’cause it’s almost been a year), and then, I’d love to see yours.

The Bucket List - Updated

Without further ado…

THE BUCKET LIST from February 19, 2010

Here they are, in no particular order (ok maybe Oprah and Ellen are at the top for a reason)…

1. Sit On Oprah’s couch with the Big O. (I would either cry, or die of a heart attack). STILL APPLIES.

The Bucket List - Updated
What Tom Cruise?

2.Dance with Oprah in one of her live shows where she has like, Stevie Wonder on the Show and we can dance together to Do I Do. “Yes I got some candy kisses, for your lips…”
3. Sit on Ellen’s chair
4. Dance with Ellen – To Lady Gaga, Bad Romance or maybe Parliament’s Flashlight. STILL APPLIES.

The Bucket List - Updated
5. Organize a private Stevie Wonder concert and invite all my friends and family. I saw him 3 times in one year, and even went to Boston for the night to sit front row at Stevie’s concert. I LOVE his music.
6. Sail around the world, except that I get sea sick, so I don’t know. Something around the world. I love to travel.
7. Lay in bed for 24 hours and have lots of sex, just like my hubby and I did when we were dating and backpacking through Europe at 20. NO CHANGE.

The Bucket List - Updated
In Barcelona on my honeymoon. I have that sex glow huh?

8. Which leads me to finding the courage to either tie my tubes or get an IUD. I know this is a strange thing on a bucket list, but it’s true. I’M HOPING HE’LL GET THE VASECTOMY. I REALIZED I’M TOO CHICKEN TO GET THE IUD OR ANY TUBE TYING.
9. Go back to the Ryder Cup with my hubby. We went to England to see the Ryder Cup in 2001, but would love to go back. We both love to golf.
10. Fly in a hot air balloon, even though I hate flying, and heights. I NO LONGER WISH TO FLY IN A HOT AIR BALLOON. HMMM. I’M THINKING. OH YA, CREATE A MOM CAVE IN MY BASEMENT. CHECK OUT A FEW POSTS AGO…
11. Have a threesome. Just kidding. I have no interest but my husband sure does! STILL APPLIES.
12. Swim with the sharks. Not in a Luca Brasi kind of way. Really, be one with the sharks and be totally at peace with it. Really it’s about facing my biggest fears, and having no fear at all.
13. Spend my summers in the South of France, splashing on the beach with the kids, eating fattening food and sipping great wines. Then hot sex at night of course. 🙂 OH HELL YEAH!
14. Go back to Israel. I haven’t been since I’m 15. That’s 20 years!

The Bucket List - Updated
15. Get a hole in one on the golf course. If I do, I’ll give up the sport that I’ve been struggling to master since I’m 18.
16. Learn more patience. I need to go find me some. HAVEN’T MADE ANY PROGRESS AFTER ALMOST A YEAR.
17. Host my own talk show with a panel of women, and chit chat with some of the brightest and most interesting women of today. Madonna would be my first invited guest. Would love Hillary Clinton too. I have always wondered a lot about Hillary. Don’t know why. STILL EITHER CO-HOST A TALK SHOW, OR HAVE A FULL-OUT WOMEN ON THE FENCE TV AND RADIO SHOW– INSPIRE WOMEN EVERYWHERE TO GET OFF THE FENCE AND LIVE A HAPPIER EXISTENCE. TRULY MY DREAM.

The Bucket List - Updated
Me love it!

18. Have Wolfgang Puck over to my home, and have him cook up a delicious meal for my friends and family. Great food, great music in the background, great company, and just a jolly ol’ good time.
19. Have my new book make it on the New York Times Best-seller’s list. Geez Louise! AHEM!
20. Have Oprah and Ellen as Guest Bloggers on my Blog. I would like Oprah to write about how amidst all her success, she never married nor had kids and does she have any regrets about anything. And for Ellen, have her Guest Blog about finally getting off the fence, announcing she was gay, and going from rising star, to fallen to star, to rising star again. I’M NOT GONNA GIVE UP.
22. Go to Kenya on an African Safari with the kids.
23. Take a homemaking or cooking course with Martha Stewart. I’m very undomesticated. OR MEET MARTHA AND TALK BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES, ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND BUILDING A BRAND.

The Bucket List - Updated
24. Live to have my grandchildren sleep over on Friday nights. NOW I’M CRYING.
25. Live till I’m 92 and then die in my sleep, blessed without too much illness or hardship for those I love. STILL CRYING, YES I WISH FOR THIS THE MOST.

That’s it folks!

Now tell us, what’s on YOUR bucket list? Share the TOP 3 THINGS ON YOUR LIST! Remember, when you put it out into the universe, it has a better chance of coming to fruition. Take a moment, think about it, write it down.

The Bucket List - Updated

Until next time my friends,


  1. This was great! I am a new follower and I absolutely loved this.

    My top 3 things:

    1) Buy a dog
    2) Quit my job
    3) Meet the man of my dreams.

    I hope this happens in 2011. I feel it’s going to be a good year. Your blog is amazing.

  2. 1- I read your mom cave blog last week and I want one too.
    2- Go on a Disney Cruise with my kids
    3- Buy a bigger house. We really need more space.

  3. Go to Hawaii, redecorate my house (I love Martha Stewart too), and have someone drop me off on a deserted island for a week by myself.

  4. 1 – Get my product off the ground
    2 – Take my mom to Las Vegas after she recuperates from a spinal fusion and we both survive the recuperation
    3 – Take my boys to Israel
    4 – A little (or a lot) hot sex, too

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  6. after turning 35 last year (& being reminded i’m now halfway to seventy!!!) i started working on my 35 year plan….

    i think my top three right now are:

    1) get my master’s
    2) become a mum
    3) hmmmm… get off the fence 🙂 & work on being the best ‘me’

    love the blog 🙂

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