The Top Female Entrepreneurs in Business Today

Entrepreneurship was traditionally seen as a man’s game, but today that is changing. As I get ready to launch HADRY in 48 hours and become a startup entrepreneur again, I thought I would bring you another info-graphic this week.

Discover these women who are shattering the glass ceiling by becoming their own bosses, advancing science and technology, and changing the face of business forever. This info-graphic showcases some of the world’s most successful businesswomen, while looking at the case for female entrepreneurship globally.

I always enjoy reading about women who are trailblazing in their own fields, and derive inspiration for my own projects. I hope you enjoy the read below.


I would love to see a shoutout to all my female entrepreneurs out there! Have a business to share? Tell us below!! Don’t be shy… we want to learn about YOU!


  1. Hi Erica! Yet another inspiring post to a relatively new entrepreneur. As Founder and Owner of DEBra Lingerie on Monkland in NDG, Montreal, we offer professional bra-fitting services to help larger breasted-women to feel better about their breasts and their bodies. With over 4,000 clients and 3+ years in operation, we get to help women who wear a cup size of D or larger to find the right bra for their lifestyle and needs. It is an amazing job and business!!! A far cry from my “prior-life” as a chartered accountant! The Trade Shows are sooooo much more interesting to go to ;-)!

    Good luck in your new venture! I am SURE that you will succeed and learn along the way. Fun stuff!!!!

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