Tuesday’s Tech Tidbits

After spending the past two days with my mom attending the Oprah Lifeclass Tour (which I will tell you all about tomorrow), this really made us chuckle at the airport today. It’s nothing about being on the fence, and perhaps it’s less than inspirational, but laughter is the best medicine, and I think somehow, in this tech age we live in, we can all relate. 😉

Tuesday's Tech Tidbits

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  1. Erica I am laughing so hard at this! Back when we first started texting my good friend (she is a Dr.) wasn’t all that “up” on the lingo, I used to put LOL all the time. One day she says to me why do you put LOL after everything you say? I said because it means “laughing out loud” well she just stared at me and then finally said OMG I was wondering why you kept saying “Little Old Lady” !! that’s what LOL means in Dr. code!!

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