Okay, if you are a loyal reader, then you WILL know the answer to this question.

Who is my #1 after my family?

Yes, bingo!


On Sunday, my mom and I are off on a mother-daughter bonding trip to see Tony Robbins, Deepak Chopra, Iyanla Vazant, and my girl Oprah Winfrey in Toronto.

It has been nearly a decade since my mom and I travelled alone together. I’m taking her to a taping of Oprah’s new show, Lifeclass. And I truly don’t know who’s more excited. We’ve got our tickets, our hotel confirmation, and each other.

My mother is truly, my best friend.

My roots to Oprah go back many decades. I have been THE longest, THE most dedicated and loyal Oprah Winfrey fan. I have loved her ever since I can remember.

Yes, here was one of my wackier moments during the compilation of my famous Bucket List. 😉

But the truth is, I have gotten to know her fantastic team at Harpo and OWN over the past year, and they are one amazing bunch. When I met Sheri Salata, president of Harpo Studios for the first time in Atlanta, I literally cried. Then, when I met her a second time one month later in Montreal, I cried again. I’m assuming third time’s a charm, so I’m bringing a lot of tissue. To know why I cried, you must read this.

Me and Sheri Salata.

So, we’re off. I’ll try and check in from there, or follow me on Twitter and Facebook to read the stories and life lessons. I ask that you also please send positive vibes my way, that I can somehow meet my mentor Oprah Winfrey.  That would be the icing on my Passover cake.

I’ll be home Tuesday afternoon to my three gentlemen. 😉

Until then, as I chase my dreams, I encourage you to chase your own. I quote my grandfather, who had a wise saying– “No one ever drowned in their own sweat.” We all have the ability to get what we want, if we’re willing to get up off the comfy couch, and work for change.

If you’re feeling stuck, or on the fence, let this be your reminder to soar. It has become my mantra. It is latin for, “She flies with her own wings.”

Amen to flying your wings, ladies.

À bientôt.